Monday, April 22, 2013

Berenstain Bears DVD Collection *Review

Kaboom Entertainment presents The Berenstain Bears DVD Collection. A collection of 3 DVD's, with 5 episodes on each. Nearly 3 hours of Berenstain Bears!

 In the rolling hills of Bear Country, this animated comedy stars a fun loving family of honey Bears whose love, loyalty and humor allow them to overcome any obstacle that finds its way down to their sunny dirt road. The funny, familiar experiences of this bear family instill timeless life lessons and reflect the traditional community values of country life.

I honestly think we can learn all that is needed for good manners and good character from the Berenstain Bears! I love their teaching style, and I love how they show examples of why and why not we behave a certain way. They are definitely role models.. well not always Papa Bear but you know what I mean!

Celebrations DVD includes:
The Birthday Boy
Count Their Blessings
Double Dare
Trouble with Money
Slumber Party

Homework Help DVD includes
Go to School
Trouble at School
Homework Hassle
Jump Rope Contest
The In Crowd

Bear Country DVD includes
Go Up and Down
The Big Election
The Giant Mall
Showdown at Birder's Wood
That Stump Must Go

Available Nationwide, including Walmart locations for $29.99

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  1. I loved their books as a kid. I have one or two for my son. I've only seen a few episodes previously on tv. I'll have to look out for the dvds.