Saturday, April 6, 2013

Backroads and Lilies on DVD *Review

In this humorous twist on the biblical story of the prodigal son from director Jefferson Moore, all Alza Reese Bennett wants is to get home to her estranged family for the Easter holiday. However, an auto mishap leaves the high-strung executive more than 700 miles short of her destination and standing on the doorstep of a grizzled, reclusive farmer named Lincoln. The mismatched pair strike a deal and set out on a three-day odyssey of misadventure.

Along the highways and byways of America, they encounter rat-infested hotels, convenience store hold-ups, rural rabbit stalkers, and a star-struck couple from a local trailer park. Best of all, they are forced to encounter each other as the two worlds of the princess and hermit collide at every turn.

The bantering between these two is so funny. Well more Alza's bantering, and Lincoln's facial expressions! He isn't much of a talker. We do find out that Lincoln is a Christian and it is interesting to learn that, as he doesn't strike you as the 'Christian' type. Alza with her successful business and money, doesn't see her need for God. As the trip continues Alza bears her soul to Lincoln, sharing her divorse, which she hasn't even told her family yet. Alza is very materialistic and Lincoln is very humble and content. The two together is quite comical. I think with this three day journey though, they learn to find a middle ground and both grow from the time with each other. A unique experience, perhaps initialized by God himself!

This was a fun show for our entire family. You can purchase a copy of this DVD from Bridgestone Multimedia. 

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