Friday, April 26, 2013

A Quilt for Jenna by Patrick E. Craig *Review

From Goodreads:

Amish + Quilts = readers delight! And in this first book in Patrick Craig's Apple Creek Dreams series, readers will follow Jerusha Springer's journey out of tragic circumstances to a new life of hope.

Jerusha has spent months making the most beautiful quilt anyone in Apple Creek, Ohio, has ever seen, and she knows it's going to take first prize at the Quilt Fair in Dalton. The prize will be her ticket out of the Amish way of life--away from the memories of her dead daughter and her tormented husband. But on the way to the Fair, she gets caught in the Storm of The Century and Jerusha's driver crashes their car. While the driver goes for help, Jerusha is led by someone, or something, to the side of a lost little girl. By the time the storm clears, Jerusha finds there is a greater prize to be won than money and blue ribbons.

 My Thoughts:

 I was so excited to see an Amish Fiction book written by a male author. I have read tons of Amish Fiction, all female authors. Set in Apple Creek Ohio, a real town, I was excited to get back to the Ohio Amish.

This may sound odd, but to find an Amish woman, struggling in her relationship with God because of a loss, is a realistic story to me. I get tired of the stories where everything is always wonderful because they are Amish, I know they struggle in their faith just as all Christians do, they are not exempt from the arrows of the devil. This book was fantastic in it's character development as we struggle right along with Jerusha and her tragedies, that God brings his guidance through. 

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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