Sunday, April 14, 2013

2 Red Hens Studio Vintage Chic for Modern Mamas *Review

2 Red Hens Studio founder Lori Holliday knows a thing or two about families, being the 13th of 14th children! I have some catching up to do! Lori learned early on that you don't need fancy things or lots of money for something to look pretty. She has taken her knowledge and care growing up and turned it into an absolutely beautiful company. Lori's designs have been in hundreds of stores including Bloomingdales, Macy's, Nordstroms, and more.

Lori designs practical, yet beautiful diaper bags that you desire to carry. The old fashioned, big and bulky 'baby' diaper bags are a thing of the past. With 2 Red Hens you can carry a bag that you will want to carry, even when the need for a diaper bag is long gone! I loved the whimsical owls in this design! Owls are just so fun, and the red, black and white are so cute for new infants. This diaper bag is perfect size for day to day use, and even big enough for a small overnight bag. Carry all you need for baby and mama in this bag. It will easily be mistaken for a chic purse, rather than a diaper bag.

This custom designed bag gives mom all the style and sass she had before she had a baby, and all the functionality she needs now that her precious little one has arrived.  Features include:
              Interior zipper pocket, bottle holder and 2 elastic pockets
              Convertible stroller straps
              Attached key fob
              Magnetic snap and button closure for easy access
              Extra long changing pad in 2 Red Hens signature red dot pattern.

She also has some innovative bags like the Toy Nanny, a bag that doubles as a play mat.Lay it out when you go and visit grandma, and when you are done, just pull the drawstrings with toys in it, and off you go. Wish all our messes were that easy to clean up!

Snack bags, makeup bags, and diaper packs are just a few of the many items designed by Lori at 2 Red Hens Studio. Be sure to check out the gorgeous prints and unique designs!

Lori's also has another line of products with  Gallo en Fuego, where she utilizes decommissioned fire hoses and makes them into belts and wallets.

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Lori doesn't stop there though, as a Cervical Cancer survivor.. multiple times, she aims to give back with each 2 Red Hens sale.

"Yet it is Lori’s tenacity and passion for life that 2 Red Hens is truly made of.  A cancer survivor, Holliday has spent the majority of her adult life hearing the word “no” – and politely refusing to listen.  First diagnosed with Cervical Cancer at the age of 20, Lori was told by countless doctors that she would never have children. Eleven years later, Lori and husband Mark welcomed son Luke into their family.  Five years after that, daughter Harper made them whole. And while she wouldn’t trade it for the world, the ride has not been smooth. During this time, Lori has fought six additional recurrences of cancer – and won every time.

Today, Lori not only sits at the helm of her growing company, but also as the head of a nonprofit organization that she has personally founded, Have Pearl Vaccine (HPV). Have Pearl Vaccine is committed to ending cervical cancer, a disease that is entirely preventable. The organization strives to educate girls and women on the facts about Cervical Cancer, and the resources and vaccines that, unlike twenty years ago when Lori was first diagnosed, are now available to prevent this tragic disease. With every item that 2 Red Hens Studio lovingly makes by hand, we are getting one step closer to ending Cervical Cancer. For good."

 What a role model for young girls today!! Be sure to stop by 2 Red Hens Studio online for your next baby shower needs! I think you will find something for yourself when you stop by as well!


  1. Oh, so cute! I love diaper bags that live beyond the baby years.

  2. I've heard great things about their bags. Love the looks.

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  4. Very practical and chic! I like all the pockets and places for essentials like your keys.

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  8. very stylish & functional!

  9. Ah! I love it, a diaper bag that doesn't look like a diaper bag but has tons of great spots for your stuff to stay organized!

  10. COMMENT FOR RC NAME: Andrew L.

    Looks like a great on the go bag, don't have to worry about zipping/unzipping.

  11. Super cute! I have been trying to decide on a great diaper bag!

  12. Beautiful diaper bag and I think it is great she supports ending cervical cancer.

  13. I love the straps because they would fall easily being attached with the metal clasps when you put the bag down instead of being a pain and getting in the way!!