Saturday, March 23, 2013

Veggie Town Voyage *Review

VeggieTown Voyage
Cindy Kenney
A veggie tales spin on three classics
Lost in Place offers a lesson on overcoming fear as Junior wanders into Mr.O’Malleys Treasure trove books store and becomes scared during a game of hide and seek. Mr. O’Malley distracts Junior with a new adventure book that takes him soaring through space on the Jitterbug 2 with the Rattleson family as they try to make their way back to earth. Junior realizes he need not be fearful as God is always by his side.
Cool Hand Cuke teaches children a lesson in hard work. Junior decides that working at the House of Peanut Butter isn’t making him rich so he quits his job, in hopes of finding a way to make more money. Mr. O’Malley shares a book with Junior on farm workers, showing Junior the hardwork that Hot Hand Tomato and Cool Hand Cuke do, but then turn around and donate much of their earnings to the local hospital. Junior learns that a day of meaningful work means much more than money.
Ben Hurry is a lesson on patience. Junior and Laura are bummed that the local traffic is keeping them from getting to their trip to the local amusement park. They head back to the bookstore where they pick up a book on Ben Hurry a Roman Pea. Ben puts his crew in danger because of his great hurry. They all learn that Patience is a gift from God.
From Zonderkids, this book is a great 3 in one collection. As always the Veggies are teaching great character skills to our little ones, and even a great reminder to us adults!
I love how they visit the bookstore and get lost in the book, much like we are doing in reading the great Veggie Tale adventure!
Pick up your copy at Zondervan or Christian book Distibutors. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
All opinions expressed are my own.

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