Friday, March 29, 2013

Using a commercial Lawn Mower, Tandem Style

I am seriously envious of those who use the best commercial lawn mowers especially when they are mowing a teeny tiny little yard. We go BIG with our yards. None of this wildflowers, and brush creeping in near the house. I don't care for the wildlife (bugs, ticks, snakes) that tend to utilize this tall grass for their home! On our old farm, and now in Kentucky we tend to have to mow for hours to accomplish the task.

 Our home has a sloped back yard that goes down to the river. A riding lawn mower would be fantastic, but that just isn't in the budget. We probably mow at least a 2 acre area and when it is all mowed it is gorgeous! It takes a lot of work to get it that way, especially since much of the lawn has trees, that like to shed branches that need to be picked up. I set up the youngest ones with a wheelbarrow to go and pick up sticks for us, these push mowers don't do too well with sticks and branches. After the little ones have made a path with clearing, we get our game plan on for mowing.

We have used this whole lawn mowing process to bring us closer together as a family. We utilize team work to get the job done, a job that truly is too big for one person! We on occasion will have two push mowers going at one time, thankfully self propelled. Well toward the end of the season last year, one became a non self propelled and became almost too hard to use. We would set one kid in the front yard mowing with that one as it has more of a flat surface.

We tend to mow in a circular fashion. One person takes the mower down the hill, along the edge of the river, and then back up. At the top of the hill is the 2nd person to mow, who gets the mower handed off to them, and down the hill they go. I like the teamwork aspect of this. It is quite tiring and the hill can be daunting, but you make one loop and hand it off to the next guy for his turn. In between you get some R & R while waiting for them to come back. It keeps the mower constantly moving, but without totally tiring out one person.

No time for fancy, straight lines, we have to just get the job done before it grows back! It is a great way to take a task and make it fun for the whole family.

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