Monday, March 11, 2013

The One Good Thing by Kevin Alan Milne *Giveaway

Nathan Steen carries six small stones in his pocket, transferring them from one pocket to the other each time he does a selfless act, mirroring the Golden Rule. Each day he begins anew. His wife Halley enjoys hearing his stories each night, of the way he has helped people.

When Nathan is killed in a sudden accident, Halley and children Ty and Alice are overcome with grief. As they begin to work through their feelings, an Facebook page appears that has people sharing ways in which Nathan had helped them. Stories of the selfless acts and legacy he left behind. One story in particular catches their attention from Maddie Zuckerman. She mentions Nathan having saved her life, yet the family has never heard of her? Halley finds emails between Maddie and Nathan dating back many years, who is this mystery woman and why does she mention "our little girl' in corresponding with Nathan? Halley fears the worst, and is devastated with the thought that her husband was not who she thought he was. 7th grader Alice is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and clear her Dad's good name. As Alice searches for truth, she is led to a complex story that weaves several people's lives.

This is a contemporary Christian fiction novel, and is full of inspiration and love. After reading it you will be inspired to do as Nathan did, spend time giving to others. He figured it took on average 8 minutes a day to reach out to 6 people. 8 minutes is all!! We could take this role model and help One Good Thing lead to another. It was sad of course, any tragedy in a book makes it hard for me to read. I internalize it so much and actually try to avoid them when I can. This one just stood out to me as a must read and I am glad I did. You are able to move past the pain, and the hurt that the family feels, and realize the legacy and blessing that Nathan left behind.

Some books are just stories, to read and say.. yep that was a great story. This book is a great story but more than that it moves you to be a better you!

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