Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Silent Sally by Eric Walls *Giveaway

By Eric Walls

Love demonstrated in deeds, not words. A story of Sally, a silent little girl who teaches the world that true strength can be found in quiet doing.

About the Book:
Looking for a way to help teach your child the true value of being a selfless
giver? Let “Silent Sally” show them the way, not with words, but with deeds!

"Silent Sally" is a quiet little girl, but she is always on the lookout for ways
to help others. While the other kids are too busy talking to notice, Sally is the
first to fill any need. But one day Sally leaps to the aid of a classmate, and
all the other kids begin to notice her actions. Soon the entire school learns a
valuable lesson about helping others.

Told in a “fun-to-read” rhyme, the richly illustrated pages visually speak
volumes about all the ways Sally is a help to others. Children will be engaged
and entertained while learning right along with the other kids in the book.
"Silent Sally" will teach them how God wants us to selflessly give to others.

My Thoughts: I absolutely loved the do-ing by Sally, that she was able to silently help others and do for them.She is such a great example for young kids in her good deeds, without the need for recognition. The illustrations are eye catching and my young ones really enjoyed seeing Sally do all of the good deeds that she did. The tempo of the story was difficult for me. It was written in rhyming style and some of the stanza's rhymed wonderfully and flowed easily. Then there would be the next stanza where the lines were almost two long and the words didn't rhyme. I spent a lot of time pausing while reading, trying to get the rhythm of the book for the kids. I actually think it would read better just in prose rather than rhyme. It would be helpful for the reader and the listener that way. 

About the Author:

Eric Walls, author and illustrator of Silent Sally, has an extensive resume as an animation artist helping create many top-name family feature films such as Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and Bolt, as well as Dreamworks Prince of Egypt and many others. Silent Sally is his second children’s picture book. Eric, his wife Shelly, and their young son Evan live near Los Angeles, California.

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