Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nora's Ark by Eileen Spinelli

What an adorable book!! Nora's Ark by Eileen Spinelli, takes young Nora as she imagines playing one of her favorite Bible greats!  I can totally picture my young ones doing something like Nora in the book. What a great role to play in one of the greatest heroes in the Bible
The illustrations are detailed and fun. The animals on the ark look amazing and I love the shift from what Nora is doing, to what she is imagining doing!
Great book to help young ones expand their imagination. Don't be surprised if after you read this book to them, they go off and play Noah's Ark!

More on the book and Author from Zondervan:

Author and poet Eileen Spinelli has written more than 40 celebrated books for kids. Now she's using her talent to reimagine a favorite Bible story in the new children's book, NORA'S ARK (Zonderkidz; $14.99; February 2013).  

With beautiful watercolor artwork designed by award-winning illustrator Nora Hilb, NORA'S ARK introduces an ambitious young girl who attempts to recreate the biblical story of Noah's Ark in her own backyard.

When the local weatherman predicts rain, Nora decides to follow in the footsteps of Noah and build a makeshift ark. To fill it, she invites her baby brother, Franky, her pets, and her best friend, Lily, to seek shelter from the storm.  

Unlike Noah, however, Nora lacks the tools and resources to create a massive structure comparable to the one in the Bible. Instead, working with what she finds in her family's home, the little girl improvises. She locates a broken attic chair, two dusty wooden boxes and pieces of an old fence, incorporating them into her design.

While Noah welcomed aboard two of every animal, Nora welcomes two spiders, two goldfish, two cats and two toy monkeys.  

Spinelli poetically compares the stories of Noah and Nora, alternating between the grand construction of the Biblical ark in Nora's imagination and the work she's doing in her backyard, assisted by Hilb's charming illustrations.  

Dubbed by Publisher's Weekly as an "homage to the joy of creative play and storytelling," NORA'S ARK is an endearing interpretation of the sacred Bible scripture, capturing the innocence and charm of inventive little dreamers everywhere.  

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Eileen Spinelli is a poet and the author of more than 40 books for children, including I know It's Autumn, Thanksgiving at the Tappletons,' and Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch. She lives in Wayne, Pennsylvania with her husband.

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR: Nora Hilb is an Argentina native and award-winning illustrator of dozens of children's books including Slither Slide, What's Outside? and Leo's Tree. Hilb lives in Buenos Aires.  

I received an ARC copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Dear Melanie, in the name of Eileen Spinelli and mine, thank you so much for the lovely review of our book. I illustrated the story with so much joy, I really loved the text. Lots of sunshine from Argentina, where I live.