Monday, March 11, 2013

Family Movie Night with Bridgestone Media *Giveaway

We have had a tradition for years of a Pizza and Movie night on Saturday night. A time for all of us to stop and spend some time together watching a fun show. Over the years it has gotten harder to find wholesome shows that we can watch for ages adult to our youngest 5 year old. I have been working with Bridgestone Multimedia Group now for about a year and have been so pleased with the message in their films! This is a company you can count on for providing faith filled, family friendly films! Thanks to them we can continue our tradition without fearing our movie choice.

Some movies you should consider for your next movie night;

Paper Dream
45 min

Christy and husband Matt have dreamed of having a family, but it isn't working out as they had hoped. They decide to try to adopt, but worry that won't be enough to fill their longing for a child. Can God be their fullfillment first?
Great movie about adoption and the need to put God first.

Stand Strong
92 minutes

Such a needed fill this day and age of the materialistic culture we have become. The Webster family enjoyed the good life, with the best that money could buy. Economic hardships come and much is lost, including many of the relationships that relied on money to buy. The Websters learn that the American dream of having it all does not build character, instead it has misplaced priorties, selfishness and pride. The family learns to work together and realize that those who stand strong in faith are the ones who are truly blessed.

The Letter Writer
 86 minutes

When Maggy Fuller receives an anonymous letter full of praise and encouragement, she can't imagine who would say such wonderful things to her. After all, the rebellious teenager is practically invisible to her dad and a disappointment to her mom. Her search for the mysterious letter's author leads her Sam Worthington, an aging man in a rest home who tries to change the world using a pen name, a phone book, and one handwritten note at a time.

Maggy's unlikely new friend seems to know her better than anyone and inspires her to become a letter writer, too, but a string of struggles in her personal, school, and home life test her faith, forcing her to continue her search for her own purpose in life.

This is one your teens will relate to and enjoy. It is a drama, and real young kids may not get the gist of it. It is a nice wholesome movie, and a joy to have watched.

Want to spruce up your movie night?? I am giving away a copy of these three films to one winner!!

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  1. Smitty sounds good!

  2. Backroads and Lilies looks good!

  3. I would like to see The Letter Writer!

  4. I'd like to watch Where the Red Fern Grows with my family.

  5. my family would like scout camp

  6. I am interested in seeing Suing the Devil.

  7. What Katy Did looks like a good one to watch with my girls. They have a lot of good movies though and I've seen a lot of these on Netflix.

  8. I would love to have The Red Fern grows. Love that book!

  9. I would love a chance to win The Letter Writer! It sounds so inspiring! Thank you!

  10. Our family would enjoy "The Runner from Ravenshead".

  11. "Sound of the Spirit" and "Beyond Acceptance" are both excellent movies that we enjoyed. Highly recommend them.

  12. Blue Like Jazz

  13. We'd like The Amazing Children!

  14. The Sugar Creek Gang: Secret Hideout. I picked that because years ago I joined a faith based movie club and the sugar creek gang was one we got.

  15. Sound of the Spirit looks good too - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  16. Can't wait for "Indescribable" to come out!

  17. scout camp looks interesting. thanks! jenna_burris