Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dr. Seuss Celebration Ideas for Homeschool

Dr. Seuss's Birthday came just a titch too early for me this year. I was gearing up, and it snuck in there the first weekend of March. Well, sadly you really can't have a birthday per se when you are deceased.. so it doesn't really matter if we celebrate on the actual day or not. We decided to pull together some ideas to incorporate the rest of the month, here and there.There are zillions of ideas online, and don't even mention Pinterest!

So where to start? I am going to start with the books we already own and a couple I have already picked up at the library.

That may be too many to tackle as it is. Did you know Dr. Seuss penned 46 children's books? You could take one each week and make a unit study of it for an entire school year! That is a lot of Seuss!!

Here is my list of books that I pulled together..

Happy Birthday to You
If I Ran the Circus
King's Stilts
The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
Cat in the Hat
The Cat Came back
Green Eggs and Ham
Oh Say Can  you Say?
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Hop on Pop
Fox in Socks
And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street
Oh the Thinks you Can think
Marvin K. Mooney Will you Please go Now

Though I would love to dabble in Seussland for an excessive amount of time, other school projects will have to come first. So I will have to choose which books we utilize and perhaps do an activity with them. I think my tongue will fall out if we tried to read all of these!

I have found some darling ideas on the web for crafts. I am going to target some of the books based on the crafts I thought we could handle.
Take a look at some of these ideas I borrowed from others that I am hoping we can recreate and the books that we will use with them.

Cat in the Hat
Cat Comes Back

Cat in the Hat Finger Puppets

We don't have a craft store near by, so I have to improvise some. I do need to find small eyes, or we will use a sharpie to do the eyes. I couldn't find pompoms for Thing 1 and 2 so I got some yarn to make my own mini pompoms. I thought these were some of the cutest things I saw. 

I want to make this Dr. Seuss Busy Bag  from Second Story Window, for my youngest to start working with rhyming words, and for my 8 year old to get some practice helping the 5 year old with number order.

I also bought some red ducktape so we can make Cat in the Hat Hats out of Paper and Red Ducktape.
I will have to find a snack to go along with this. We need a craft and snack I think!

Green Eggs and Ham has some wonderful ideas for celebrating! These matching eggs will be great for my 5 year old to start learing rhyming, and having his 8 year old sister help read them to him. I found lots of different colored eggs, but not just green. I think to be eco friendly we may just buy one pack of multi color and pretend they are all green

I have tried making green eggs for breakfast and the kids just didn't care for them. Now this year I think I would like to try these eggs from So Wonderful So Marvelous and we may get a little bit further. They look so yummy!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Simple Girl had a recipe using blue jello and Swedish fish. I could only find the red fish, so we will just improvise!

 We will find a craft to go along with this one as well.

I think we will start there, as a manageable goal. Like I said you could honestly do a book every day for 46 days and have fun projects to go with it. I will post our own pics as we begin our slow celebration!

I have printed off some of the worksheets and coloring pages from Have Fun Teaching to add in some 'busy work' while I read.

To go to the specific craft just click on the link. Thanks to these great bloggers for inventing the 'wheel' so I didn't have to!


  1. What a fun idea to delve into a Dr. Suess book every day for a whole school year.

  2. Those Cat in the Hat finger puppets are adorable.