Saturday, March 2, 2013

Alter Eco Sustainable Foods *Giveaway

Alter Eco is a source for healthy, organic, fair trade ingredients, products made by small scale farmers. Each product lists on the back the people and communities that are being helped by the sale of these products.

 This helped me truly appreciate the products that I tried and used for review. I love what Alter Eco is doing to help create sustainability for these small scale farmers.
They specialize in Quinoa, Rice, Sugar and Chocolate. All items that tend to utilize unfair trade practices around the world. I am excited about these quality products and the impact it is going to make in the Fair Trade arena.

Organic Royal Rainbow Quinoa   from Bolivia is a new grain to me so I had to research a little on how I wanted to use it. Having it for breakfast would be quick and easy but I wanted to integrate it into a dinner food.
I opted for Quinoa and Black Beans, as my family does enjoy rice and black beans and Quinoa is a great substitute for rice, cooking in half of the time. I loved it, the kids thought it looked a bit weird. I honestly think they could get used to it though. It really was a fantastic grain to work with and tasted wonderful!
Pearl shaped, nearly perfect nutritional source, so revered by the Inca's they called it "mother grain'. Anapqui Co-op Fair trade practices for this farm means;
180 villages building a better future, 50,000 native trees being replanted, 98,000 llamas to support healthy soils.

Thai Sticky Purple Rice- Thailand has such a rich heritage and diet of rice, that the literal translation of "I'm Hungry' in Tawain is "I'm hungry for rice". This Heirloom grain is definitely purple! Talk about adding color to your dinner table. Bright and tasty. I made it in the rice cooker, adding a bit more water than the stove top would need. I would like to try it on the stove to see if I can make it just as easily. Very sticky, not the kind of rice you want if you want individual grains. It was flavorful as rice is, and tasted like... rice.
The Surin Co-op where this comes from, by being involved in the Co-op will benefit by having
500 new farmers trained each year in sustainable practices,six local organic farmer's markets in surin,
35 heirloom rice varieites received.

Chocolate.. there is nothing like Fair Trade chocolate. I don't think I can ever eat 'imitation' chocolate again after tasting the real deal. Here we see Quinoa again, like a fantastic rice krispie style candy bar! All three of these bars were fantastic, and they do offer ever more of a selection that this. You can browse at Alter Eco Chocolate to find out more about each bar, where it is grown and how it helps the farmers in that area.

And to think we get this delectible treat from this Cacao plant!

Alter Eco has much to read about on their website, you can spend quite a bit of time learning about these different farms and countries and what they are doing to impact the world!

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