Sunday, March 31, 2013

Snappy Socks *Review

With 8 people in our home, times 2 feet each.. that is 16 socks per day that we go through. Now I do have one daughter so go ahead and throw in another 2 just for fun! That is 18 socks times 7 days a week for 126 socks. No wonder I just got done matching 2 hampers full of socks.. no not basket, tall hampers!
I HATE matching socks. It is one of those chores I do not do until I absolutely have to. Most of the time I have the kids just hunt through the hamper and find their own match for the day.

Snappy Socks has made my life so much easier, at least with my socks for now! They snap together before I through them in the wash, and come out already matched. Woo Hoo!

From just $5.99 per pair, they have infant, toddler, youth, children, mens and womens size socks.Everyone in the family can have Snappy Socks and you will never have to match socks again!

I reviewed the US Holiday 6 pack of socks including this Easter set! I loved being festive for the holiday with my socks, and I must admit I have worn the Christmas ones a lot this winter.

Sold by US Dawgs, these socks go wonderfully with their shoewear. The only problem I ran into is if you wear the socks so that your snaps are in the inside of your leg, you may have them rub together on occassion. So just make sure they are on the outside of your left side of your foot when you put them on. I also have very tall winter boots and the snap did rub some on the boot.

Love these socks and plan on purchasing more. They come in a zillion different sizes so you can easily color coordinate to your attire, or if you are like me, choose the wackiest socks and then match your outfit to them!

Relish Reusable Giveaway Hop *Abeego

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Welcome to the Relish Reusable Giveaway Hop hosted by Measuring Flower and Eco Crazy Mom! I have teamed up with a group of other green bloggers to bring you a bunch of fun, eco-friendly, and reusable giveaways worth a minimum of $25 each. So, after you've entered our awesome giveaway below, be sure to "hop" on to the next blog to enter their giveaway as well. You can find a list linking to all the other blogs towards the bottom of this post. Don't forget to enter the event's big grand grand prizes, including $200 of reusable products donated by!

I am so excited to share with you a totally new company to me! Abeego

A revolutionary way to wrap up your left overs, your half eaten fruits, and cover your food dishes.. without using plastic wrap or tin foil! Reusable, food storage flats made from help, cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. Natural, and handcrafted in Canada. I HATE throwing out plastic wrap after we unwrap a product we wanted to preserve in the fridge. It is not recyclable, and it is so harmful to our environment, and especially to any animals that may get into it.
At room temperature you can easily mold the Abeego around the food you want to preserve. When it is cold it holds it's form and becomes less malleable.

Beautiful photos Toni sent over of ways to use the Abeego flats!

My pictures won't do justice to this product like the ones above. They are so amazing! And I love the color coded thread that runs through them so you know if you are grabbing, a small, medium or large flat.

Using Abeego Flats

Taking care of your Abeego will allow it to last for over a year! I bet you never reused plastic wrap for that long. Simply handwash in cold water with eco friendly dish soap. These are not suitable for the microwave or dishwasher. Another great thing is that they are fluid resistant, so when you wrap the top of the spaghetti sauce bowl, and someone tips it, it won't leak out all over like it would with other food wraps. The Abeego may take on some of the colors of foods like tomato products, but the efficiency will be the same.

They even utilize all of their waste to make abeebits! Almost like twist ties, these have a ton of uses!

Enter to win 4 sets of Abeego Flats! Use some for yourself and give some to a friend. You will want to share this product for sure!
US and Canada!!
Ends April 15th

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Twitter @Abeego

Disclaimer: This event’s hosts and the participating bloggers are not responsible for any sponsors that fail to fulfill their prizes, but will do their best to ensure that each winner receives their winnings.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Daddy Vans Furniture Polish *Review

Made in the USA!

Daddy Van's makes all natural beeswax furniture polish. Naturally protect your heirlooms and antiques, or just your basic wood products in your home. You do not need to use chemical laden products to bring out the natural beauty in your wood.

These products leave a natural, beautiful shine on your wood. I love how it isn't a smelly, chemical that I am putting into the air, but a natural product. Natural wax is what our wood loves, and so does our family!

USDA Certified biobased product and Natural Products Association Seal of Approval!!

Order yours HERE for just $11.95 for a 5 oz container. Comes in Lavender, Sweet Orange, unscented, and Baby Safe.

"A portion of our profits is donated to Healthy Child Healthy World. Healthy Child Healthy World is dedicated to protecting the health and well being of children from harmful environmental exposures. They educate parents, support protective policies, and engage communities to make responsible decisions, simple everyday choices, and well-informed lifestyle improvements to create healthy environments where children and families can flourish."

Find Daddy Van's on these social media outlets!
Twitter @Daddyvans 


Live Clean Lotion *Review

Live Clean Baby

Recently I was introduced to live clean baby through reviewing their diaper ointment. You can read that review HERE. I was very excited to review the live clean moisturizing baby lotion from the same line. 

Live Clean Baby is an eco-friendly, personal care line out of Canada, that recently launched in the USA. Live Clean Baby is

  • Vegan
  • free of phosphates
  • free of parabens
  • free of preservatives
  • free of phthalates
  • cruelty free
  • recyclable containers
  • natural and plant based

"This moisturizing lotion blends certified organic botanicals of chamomile and lavender with natural emollients and aloe to gently moisturize delicate skin. The non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and smooth with a gentle scent to soothe baby."

Our baby's skin is so delicate, and so very important to protect. Staring off on the right foot, without added chemicals is the way to ensure the very best for our little ones. This lotion is a beautiful, natural blend that is moisturizing and not greasy at all. I love using it on my own hands for the nice light scent and quick absorption. 

Natural, and Gentle!

Live Clean Baby is available exclusively at Walgreens and
Visit Live Clean online
Live Clean on Facebook

Dial Kids Sweepstakes *Giveaway

"Mom which one is body soap, and which one is hair soap?" Do you ever hear that cry from the shower?
I do, it never fails that with my young non readers, they can't remember which is which.
Dial Kids is solving that dilemia for me!! Body and Hair Wash in one.
Smells wonderfully of Watermelon. Both my 5 year old and 8 year old thought it smelled great!

Tear free, hypoallergenic, No artificial dyes, No parabens, Ph balanced!

Easy flip top lid for little ones to squeeze out just what they need! Sometimes the lid can be a doozy on some washes, this one was easy for them to grasp and open.

Nice bubbles, great smell, nice clean feel and look when it is washed out and dry. No left over residue.

You need this for all of your Kids hair and body needs! 

I have 3 coupons to give to my readers courtesy of Dial Kids!!
Enter using the Rafflecopter below
Ends April 12th
Us Only

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Dial Kids Sweepstakes!

In conjunction with the NEW Dial® Kids Body & Hair Wash Insider Kit, Dial is proud to introduce the Dial Kids Sweepstakes featuring NEW Dial® Kids Peachy Clean for ages 2+, and Dial® Kids Watery Melon for ages 6+.
One lucky winner will receive $1,000, while 250 second place winners get to try NEW NEW Dial® Kids Body & Hair Wash for FREE!

Enter HERE

Friday, March 29, 2013

Six Sisters Stuff Largest Family Dinner!!

Set the date.. April 10th and join in the Largest Family Dinner at 6pm

Let's take back the dinner table for our family, and spend time together for this great event!

Sign up HERE

Beyong the Valley By Rita Gerlach *Review

When Sarah Carr's husband Jamie drowns, her young life is shattered and takes a turn that she never expected. Pregnant and now widowed, she reaches out to Jamie's family for help, but they are unwilling. Instead they devise a plan to have her kidnapped and taken to the Colonies to live a life of servitude. Sarah's new life in the Colonies finds her surrounded by a family's whirlwind of secrets, while she hopes the young doctor she loves with will bring her freedom.

 This novel captures your attention in the first paragraph! Brilliantly describing the scenery, the situation, and feelings of the main character within the first tid bit. Just enough to whet your whistle and keep you reading. Very unique in its story, Sarah is suddenly widowed in 1788 England, penniless and pregnant. She is scammed and sent to America as a slave. Red headed Sarah is strong and brave, she has had to be since she was left as an orphan, and has a permanent limp. She hadn't even begun to imagine getting married, let alone being widowed 6 months later. 

Rita Gerlach does an excellent job of describing the surroundings and people. I can visualize the time frame and the characters so vividly. I love when I can read a novel and be transported back in time!
You so feel for Sarah and all of her loses, and what she is struggling with at such a young age. 

I absolutely loved this book!

Rita Gerlach writes inspirational historical fiction with a romantic bent, with unique settings in both America and England. She lives with her husband and two sons in a historical town nestled along the Catoctin Mountains amid Civil War battlefields and Revolutionary War outposts in central Maryland. You can visit Rita's website at

Check out additional reviews on the booktour schedule with Pump Up Your Book

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Using a commercial Lawn Mower, Tandem Style

I am seriously envious of those who use the best commercial lawn mowers especially when they are mowing a teeny tiny little yard. We go BIG with our yards. None of this wildflowers, and brush creeping in near the house. I don't care for the wildlife (bugs, ticks, snakes) that tend to utilize this tall grass for their home! On our old farm, and now in Kentucky we tend to have to mow for hours to accomplish the task.

 Our home has a sloped back yard that goes down to the river. A riding lawn mower would be fantastic, but that just isn't in the budget. We probably mow at least a 2 acre area and when it is all mowed it is gorgeous! It takes a lot of work to get it that way, especially since much of the lawn has trees, that like to shed branches that need to be picked up. I set up the youngest ones with a wheelbarrow to go and pick up sticks for us, these push mowers don't do too well with sticks and branches. After the little ones have made a path with clearing, we get our game plan on for mowing.

We have used this whole lawn mowing process to bring us closer together as a family. We utilize team work to get the job done, a job that truly is too big for one person! We on occasion will have two push mowers going at one time, thankfully self propelled. Well toward the end of the season last year, one became a non self propelled and became almost too hard to use. We would set one kid in the front yard mowing with that one as it has more of a flat surface.

We tend to mow in a circular fashion. One person takes the mower down the hill, along the edge of the river, and then back up. At the top of the hill is the 2nd person to mow, who gets the mower handed off to them, and down the hill they go. I like the teamwork aspect of this. It is quite tiring and the hill can be daunting, but you make one loop and hand it off to the next guy for his turn. In between you get some R & R while waiting for them to come back. It keeps the mower constantly moving, but without totally tiring out one person.

No time for fancy, straight lines, we have to just get the job done before it grows back! It is a great way to take a task and make it fun for the whole family.

This was a sponsored post. All opinions however are solely my own.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lead Your Family Like Jesus *Giveaway

 Celebrate the release of Lead Your Family Like Jesus with Tricia by entering her iPad Mini Giveaway and RSVPing for the Lead, Momma Lead LIVE Webcast Event (with MomLife Today's Tracey Eyster) on April 16th.


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So grab your copy of Lead Your Family Like Jesus and join Tricia and Tracey on the evening of April 16th for a chance to connect and make some new friends. (If you haven't read the book - don't let that stop you from coming!)

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