Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scatterbrained Blog *Reader Poll

I feel like my blog has taken on the persona of my life.. scatterbrained! I truly desire for my blog to be much more organized and thematic than reality. Figuring my readers will be able to follow along much easier if I can provide a focused look at particular topics, rather than being all over the place with the blog.

I was brainstorming this morning and considering the different themes or venues I dabble in as a blog

*Green Living
*Book Reviews
*Product Reviews (kids, adults, eco friendly, foods, music, books, dvds.. this category could be narrowed in focus as well)
*Christian Discipleship
*Raising Kids
*Made in America Products
*arts and crafts
*Raising kids/parenting

I tend to dabble in many of these, not really having a direct focus for the blog.. Perhaps because as a person in real life I:

Am a Christian
Raise children
Read books
Support Made in America Products
Semi Crunchy Green eco friendly gal
Love to quilt and sew/craft

I blog for my readers, to share with others. My desire is to provide information and clarity for you. I enjoy blogging as a hobby, and as an outlet to reach people with some of the information I have acquired over time. I would love if you would look over the topics above, and leave me a message as to why you read my blog. What are your favorite posts? What draws your attention in? Be honest, so that I can quit dabbling in everything and focus more on where the need and want is.

 Just leave a comment with your thoughts.. help this scatterbrain focus :)


  1. Hmmm well to be honest I"m scatterbrained too so my advice may not be the best to follow! lol
    I do like reading product reviews it really helps to find new products for my family and I like feeling like I'm making an educated decisions when making purchases.

  2. I like variety, so scatterbrained is okay. Perhaps to help you feel more organized you can reduce the number/types of products you review.

  3. I like variety!! That is the way we woman really are, not just focused on one thing!:)

  4. I enjoy variety... it keeps me from getting bored :) My favorite topics though, are book reviews and product reviews (especially eco-friendly products)

  5. Wow, that is great that you all enjoy the variety. And here I think it is too crazy and busy and scattered. Glad I asked!