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Mysterious Creatures Board game from Education Outdoors

Mysterious Creatures Board Game from Education Outdoors

Education Outdoors is trying to bring back connections with families through board game play. Unplug and sit down together with one of their fantastic and original board games! So what does the name Education Outdoors have to do with board games? All of the games they currently offer have something to do with the great outdoors!
Games like Camp, and Fishing Camp help teach children and adults about outdoors and grows with the children in stages. Fantastic facts are learned and knowledge gained. They have some great card games like Smores and even some younger children games like Snipe. You will have to check out the great selection online!

We reviewed the latest game by Education Outdoors, Mysterious Creatures! Doesn't the name itself get your curiosity up?
This game is a board game that increases knowledge in geography, and creatures of legend and fact. Each player must collect 3 pieces of evidence about their randomly selected creature. Creatures like Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Yeti have a country of origin where your game piece begins it's journey.

Each person beginning at a different country. The race is on to complete your journey and return to your place of origin before the other players. Up to 4 players can play at one time and ages 8 and up. This is a multi generational game, and worked wonderful for me to play with 3 of the kids.

Some of the countries you can not get to without a passport, so I strongly recommend that in your first turn you head for the passport. My kids got their before me, so that actually put me behind a little bit in the game. I needed a passport for the first country I needed to travel to.

 A couple of the pieces of evidence have the scan bars, and we were able to watch a little clip on the mysterious creature. This was a super cool asset, I would love to see it on more of the cards!
 This was a little much for my 5 and 8 year old to play. I was excited to find these Coloring Pages to print out for the next time we play. They can feel involved by coloring the pages of the creatures we are looking for.

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