Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moka Becomes a Water Dog *Book Review

The Dog on my Feet series starts out with Moka Becomes a Water Dog by Jeff Stevenson, illustrated by Nicholas Voshall.

Ethan and Lucas get a new Labrador for Christmas and she loves to play at the cabin on vacation. She has never been in a lake before and is a bit fearful of the water. Dad has a brilliant idea to tempt Moka into the water to play, helping her to forget her fears. Moka loves her new toy and learns to be a water dog!
This books makes an excellent easy reader. The words are basic and easy for a beginner to read. The simple, large text will help kids feel confident in their skills while learning about Moka and her adventure to becoming a water dog.
Illustrator Nicholas Voshall adds comedy to the book with his childlike drawings, giving the story an overall feel that it was created by a youngster, for his friends.  The back of the book includes activities for the young reader to enjoy. A few coloring pages, a maze and a word find.

moka fetch cafepress
A note from the Author:

The Dog On My Feet Series is a series of illustrated children’s books written around the family dog Moka as she grows and discovers her world. It is illustrated by a talented young man named Nicholas Voshall of Lancaster, CA. This series was imagined by our oldest son, Lucas.
This children’s book is nicely illustrated with a great story. Complete with a variety of activities, it makes a great first reader for a child with a word find, maze and coloring pages for them to complete when they have finished reading the story.
This first book in the series entitled, Moka Becomes a Water Dog, will be available before Christmas 2012, through
I am proud to publish this book. On behalf of my family, we hope you enjoy these stories.
Thank you,
Jeff Stevenson

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Watch for the 2nd book in the story coming soon Moka's Pillow Party!!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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