Monday, February 11, 2013

i love you to God and back by Amanda Lamb *giveaway

i love you to God and Back
A Bedtime Prayer Book
Amanda Lamb
Illustrated by Czes Pachela

Modeling spending time with God, this book follows a bunny family as they share their love for one another. Love from God never ends and the little bunnies in this story learn that. Perfect book for Valentine's or Easter to celebrate God's love for us!
The playful banter between Mommy Bunny and Bitty Bunny are telling each other they love one another and the length gets longer and longer. Loving each other to the toy box and back, to the toothbrush and back, to the bed and back. Bitty Bunny shouts out how much she loves Mommy Bunny.
 Bitty Bunny gets ready for bed and Mommy and Bitty kneel before the bed to pray. As Bitty praises God for the day and the beauty of nature, Mommy encourages her that God loves to hear our praises. Bitty asks forgiveness and Mommy encourages her that God loves when our hearts are sorry. They continue on with Bitty offering up a care for Grandma, and loving her family with Mommy giving feedback along the way.
God's love is the biggest of all, and as Bitty bunny falls asleep she snuggles in with the knowledge of that great love!

This is a beautiful night time book that you will enjoy reading again and again with your little ones! It is wonderfully illustrated, and the words flow so naturally. I love how it is Bitty Bunny who starts the I love you to.. dialogue, excited about her family and her love for them.

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  1. i always tell my los"
    the lord bless you and keep you
    make his face shine upon you
    may you sleep tight all through the night
    and HE will wake you with the morning light"

  2. Just simply - I love you.

  3. I always tell them I love them.

  4. I say sweet dreams, sweet pea :)

    Jessica Eaton Ledford
    cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com

  5. We say, I Love You With Al My Heart to each other
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. God Bless. See you in the morning.

  7. We always kiss and say I love you

  8. God made you special and He loves you VERY much (we borrowed it from the Veggietales)

  9. I always say Sweet Dreams. Thanks.

  10. Angels around all the windows and doors to protect you as you sleep.

  11. I tell my son "Gitchee Gitchee Goo Means That..." and he tells me"I Love You" and then I say I love you back. (It's from Phineas and Ferb).

  12. sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite

  13. We say a quick little prayer:
    Father in heaven, hear our prayer
    Keep us in thy loving care
    Be our guide in all we do
    Bless all those who love us too.

  14. I tell them how much I love them.
    Thanks for the chance.

  15. Whichever of us puts our kids down says "Mommy and Daddy love you! Sleep well!"