Monday, February 11, 2013

I Love You No Matter What by J. Rutland *Giveaway

I Love You No Matter What
A Prince Chirpio Story
Written and Illustrated by J. Rutland

Little Blue the bluebird was having a horrible day, and figured that his Father must not love him anymore, so he decided to pack and leave, much like my 5 year old did the other day.  Father asks to tell Little Blue a story about Prince Chirpio before he leaves the big oak tree for good. 

Prince Chirpio loved being royalty, but didn't like that he still had to follow the rules. including not leaving the kingdom grounds. Prince Chirpio felt he was mighty and brave and decided he was ready, despite his father telling him he must wait. Prince Chirpio sneaks out in the night to 'find a land of excitement', with his special bag of birdseed. 

Prince Chirpio finds the conditions to be a bit harsh and pays his new friends to build him a nest, crown and clothing. He pays them in birdseed. Guess what happens with the birdseed runs out?

Forced to find food, Prince Chirpio flys to a nearby pasture of pigs, seeing if they have food. Oh it looks horrible and the smell! Prince Chirpio falls in and is defeated. He is hungry, lonely and covered in pig slop. He realizes he never should have left home in the first place and is unsure if his father will even love him when he returns. 

Just like the prodigal son, Father is there with open arms ready to accept Prince Chirpio back as his son, never having stopped loving him. 

Little Blue takes the story to heart and considers the great love his own father has for him. 

 I love this version of the prodigal son! It is simple enough to reach even the younger children, to show them that their parents love them no matter what. Just as God loves us no matter what. I love that we can share a story like this with our children and then share with them how this story is also about God's love for us. A storybook in two fold. 

Perfect picture book to share this Easter and spring season!!
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  1. mine are still little.. i just tell them i know they can do it and encourage with smooches and squeezes

  2. For my granddaughter, jumping into the deep end of the pool. She didn't want to drown. We just reminded her where the ladder was, let her wear and life jacket, and always had someone down at that end to help her.

  3. I tell my daughter she is beautiful, inside and out, so super smart and that she can do anything she wants to do in life!

    Jessica Eaton Ledford
    cherriesjessilee at gmail dot com

  4. I remind my soon of his good qualities and try to share when I've had a similar issue

  5. I always tell them I love them and to try their best and remind them of The Little Engine That Could
    marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. They've never doubted themselves yet. :)

  7. yes but i always reassure them....they are priceless to me no one else in this world could take their place

  8. My son gets self-conscious often. He has Autism and some classmates insist on teasing him because he doesn't learn the same way they do. I let him know I love him and God made him special and loves him very much no matter what!

  9. My son is too young yet to understand doubt, but when that time comes, I will just encourage him and remind him that God made him special and will help him get through!

  10. During a rough time at school, I prayed with them and told them over and over that they could do it!

  11. I tell my son to keep trying and never give up.

  12. I tell my daughter that learning something new takes time and that I know she can do it if she tries and tries again.