Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Everyday Ruralty

The wind is blowing like the Wizard of Oz outside today and I have 2 sick children with what appears to be a flu bug their older brother just got over, so let's go to a local cafe and have a cup of coffee there today rather than sit on the porch outside!!

Been a crazy busy day here, week actually but didn't want to miss our new Farmhouse Chats!
Today's Questions

  1. What's your favorite fruit?
  2. Wendell would like to know if you've ever been horseback riding.
  3. Do you carry a small purse, a big one, or just a wallet?
  4. If you could travel to one state for a day (all expense paid), where would you go? If you're not in the US, where would you like to travel within your country?
  5. What was your first car?

My favorite fruit is Blackberries, I have such great memories of picking wild blackberries on our farm in OH. It is a dangerous job with the thorns and thistles, but worth the burst of flavor!!

I have only been horseback riding once. We had a horse named Chance, and he was older. DH would try to ride him more than me, but I was kind of a chicken. I liked to just talk to him and pet him. We only had him for a year, he was put out to pasture when we got him, and he lived out his last year with us. (I couldn't find a photo on this computer of Chance, this is a horse from the Fair)

I carry a bigger purse to hold all of the things the kids seem to think I need to hold for them. I have all of their wallets and things as well as usually a book in case I have a few minutes to sneak in a few pages. 

I have a hankering to visit Montana lately. I lived there for a year as a child and would love to go back and visit the old town, and to see the Rocky Mountains.

I had a silver escort station wagon that my uncle put pink stripes on for me!

 Stop over and visit Everyday Ruralty by clicking on the button at the top, and visit with some more friends. I need to get some dinner going for my sick little munchkins..



  1. I pick blackberries every summer. I think Montana would be a great trip.I rode a horse named Chance once. They forgot to tell me I was taking a CHANCE by riding him. I thought I was dead. It's the only horse that ever scared me before. Interesting cafe- they combined the exterior with the gardening! :) I hope you have a good week, with everyone getting well very soon.

  2. we are alike in the Montana department. are you at an antiques place or what? love the route 66 sign behind you. take care this week. ( :

  3. Beth I snagged some of those pictures, the only one that is mine is the horse :) I wanted a picture of the bag I carry and I found one :)