Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen

About the Book:
"Emma Smallwood, determined to help her widowed father when his boarding school fails, accompanies him to the cliff-top manor of a baronet and his four sons. But soon after they arrive and begin teaching the two younger boys, mysterious things begin to happen. Who does Emma hear playing the pianoforte at night, only to find the music room empty? And who begins sneaking into her bedchamber, leaving behind strange mementos?
The baronet's older sons, Phillip and Henry Weston, wrestle with problems-and secrets-of their own. They both remember the studious Miss Smallwood from their days at her father's academy. But now one of them finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her...
When suspicious acts escalate, can Emma figure out which brother to blame and which to trust with her heart?"
Firstly I love Regency Era books! I haven't seen this popular show that people are talking about, and what is included in Julie's giveaway event, but I know I would love that as well. Any book with castles just grab my attention. The more hidden passageways and mystery, the more eager I am to get my hands on the book. 
I typically can read a little, then go about my chores and homeschooling, and then pick it up again later. 
The Tutor's Daughter was reading along nicely as I had expected as Emma and her father are getting settled into the manor. I am trying to figure out which brother she admires most, and watching for hints from the author.
Page 36 "The North wing lies in that direction," she said with a jerk of her chin. "You are not to venture there." the housekeeper said. 
There was the hook!! My intrigue is piqued, clear the schedule.. why can't she go in the north wing and why all of the secrecy??  
I sat and read the book straight through from that hook on. I may even need to reread it to catch all of the beautiful descriptions Julie gives of the castle, rooms, gardens and even the stormy sea near by because I quite honestly maybe read it too fast to get to the end!! Loved this book!! One of my favorites!
Meet Julie:  
Julie Klassen loves all things Jane--Jane Eyre and Jane Austen. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Julie worked in publishing for sixteen years and now writes full time. She has won the Christy Award: Historical Romance for The Silent Governess (2010) and The Girl in the Gatehouse (2011) which also won the 2010 Midwest Book Award for Genre Fiction. Julie and her husband have two sons and live in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota. 
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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