Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Princesses, Pirates, Cowboys Veggie Tales I can Read

What we loved about these stories was that my younger son could read it to his younger siblings. The words, though difficult at times were ones that coincided with Veggie Tales characters and he could easily pick up on them. He of course skipped the princess story and had me read that to my daughter. There are 3 stories included in the book, giving it some variety. The illustrations are fantastic and eye catching as the little ones are learning to read. My 10 year old struggles with reading and but doesn't care for the 'baby' easy readers. This is the perfect answer for him. He still loves Veggie Tales, but the words are easy enough for him to read on his own.

"Princess Petunia, Larry, Bob, and many other beloved VeggieTales characters return with three fun-filled stories by author Karen Poth packed into one colorful new book, PRINCESSES, PIRATES, AND COWBOYS (Zonderkidz; $9.99; November 2012).

Each tale is filled with important Christian values for young readers, and helps them learn the fundamentals of reading with the I Can Read! Level 1 simple text format.    

Princess Petunia's Sweet Apple Pie takes readers to the whimsical kingdom of Scone, home to a wacky cast of medieval characters who are preparing for the annual Scone County Fair and the King's Pie Contest. Princess Petunia, Starry Knight, and even grumpy old Bump in the Knight bake their famous pies. When the competition gets fierce, Princess Petunia learns that helping others in need is more important than winning.

In the second story, Pirates Larry, Lunt, and Pa Grape spend their days on a ship doing absolutely nothing in Who Wants to be a Pirate? Feeling unfulfilled, Larry announces that he wants to do something exciting, like become a Tater in Tater Town or move to Cookie Island. After considering his options, however, Larry realizes that God intended for him to be a pirate and made him perfect just the way he is.

The final story comes from Poth's 2011 book, The Fairest Town in the West.  Sherriff Bob and Deputy Larry have their hands full when the Ratt Scallion gang blows into town. The gang causes trouble in the usually humble and lawful town when local residents start copying their terrible behavior. It's up to Bob and Larry to settle the chaos, reminding both residents and the gang that there is nothing to gain from behaving badly.     

A perfect grab-and-go book for families, the colorful cast of lovable characters comes to life through vibrant and playful illustrations in all three stories and will provide young readers with an ideal gift that they will enjoy for years to come."

Stop by Zondervan and pick up your copy today! http://zondervan.com/9780310732822

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Would you believe I never knew they had books to help kids with reading! Totally gonna have to get some of these for my God daughter!