Tuesday, January 8, 2013

G & L Clothing for 95 years!

I used to be considered tall at 5'9", but have you noticed this next generation of kids are getting taller and taller?? I already have 2 teens that are taller than me. I have struggled often to find jeans that are long enough. I typically purchase 'Tall' in my size so that I am not feeling a breeze on my ankles.

G & L Clothing has men's, women's, kid's, talls and bigs, and High Visibility Clothing
footwear, and uniforms. That about covers all of my needs! Since 1917 G & L Clothing has been a store in Iowa, serving the needs of customers beginning with construction, farming, and railroad workers. Now they have branched out into the everday marketplace providing high quality, name brand clothing for the entire family. Now you don't have to live in Iowa to benefit from this company as they have been online with an ecommerce business since 2005.

With 95 years in business G & L Clothing is one you can trust to have the best of the best. Representing companies like Levi, Carharrt, Dickies, and more, the rugged need look no further than this online shop.
Trusted name brands in Safety Clothing as well including Gildan, Tri Mountain and Bulwark. Check them out online today and get your latest clothing needs met!!

This is a paid promotion, all opinions are my own.


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