Monday, January 28, 2013

Create Abilities For Kids -Craft Kits Delivered to your Door!

Create Abilities for Kids, packaged art kits delivered to you door. Complete and ready to utilize.
Geared for preschoolers, the craft kits are geared toward the holidays and unique events of the month. You can choose to have kits sent for a 3, 4, or 5 year old. This way you can still do crafts with your 3 year old but they won't require as much skill as a 5 year old might.

We received the 2 craft kit for January for a 5 year old. The first kit we received had some trouble with the glue and paint spilling over. This could have been due to the cold temperatures outside, and postal handling. As a new company, Create Abilities is still working out a few of the bugs. They eagerly resent me another kit for January with a better container for the paints and glue.

I love how they included information on the day that we studied. The first was for Popcorn Day! My 5 year old had such a great time painting. He doesn't get to paint that much because quite frankly I don't even know where our paint is, and it makes such a mess that I am guilty of just not messing with it. The Create Abilities kid made is so much easier to work on the craft with him, since everything was all together in one bag. He was able to pain and make a popcorn bag with tissue paper popcorn on top! This craft easily spins into other books and ideas for you to use on a mini unit study. They recommend other activities to do to go along with the craft. Sometimes you just need an idea and you can run with it.

The second craft we did was celebrating Martin Luther King Jr day. We watched a documentary with the older kids for MLK and it fit in so nicely for Mav to make a peace sign to go along with the celebration. He was so thrilled to be paining again, mixing colors. It naturally moved into combining colors and finding out what they make together. Very educational for color exploration.

 We had to let it drive for a day before adding our peace sign labels. I actually had to cut out additional paper for this as the paint got on the originals. A simple paper plate, and a great idea!
For Homeschoolers where crafts are just not their forte', Create Abilities is a great way to have craft each month and gear it toward a theme.

 Unfortunately the kit still had a little bit of leaking as seen in this picture, but it didn't affect any of the other items and we were still able to create.
My suggestion would be to find a dry paint that simply needs water added and mixed by a parent, to prevent leakage. The idea is to have nothing for the parent to have to do, just set up and go. I do understand that but I think a dry paint to add water to would save on weight for shipping and would prevent leaks.

We love options, and Create Abilities for Kids gives you that! You can choose from having two, three, or four kits delivered.

 Two Kits Delivered / Month - $14.85
Three Kits Delivered / Month - $19.85
Four Kits Delivered / Month - $23.85

 All pricing listed below includes all kit materials and shipping and
handling charges.

Super easy clean up, just roll up all of the supplies and throw out if you want. We opted to keep the brushes and wash them out, and even the paint as there was plenty to do an additional project later. No trouble having enough supplies to complete the craft.

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I received a product from the company to facilitate a fair and accurate review. All opinons expressed are solely my own.


  1. My kids love doing crafts. This would be great.

  2. This sounds fun and price isn't bad at all!

  3. The price isn't bad, and it would also make for a good birthday present for a toddler or preschooler. I hope they do iron out the bugs!

  4. We've recently taken to using #6 plastic as DIY shrink dinks for kids craft projects...too bad we don't get take out more often as we are out of #6 plastic ;-)

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