Friday, December 7, 2012

What is Madware and How can I Stop it?

What is Madware? For us techno unsavvy, Madware or aggressive mobile adware? It is a form of spam on the  Android Phone. An intrusive means of putting on ads, by placing them in your photo albums,calendar entries and sometimes even incorporating them into your ring tones!

I have heard of this kind of problem on the PC, but on my phone too? I was just thinking about this the other day, wondering if it was possible to put spam, or malicious things on my phone that would either be very difficult for me to remove, or jeopardize the usefulness of my phone. Sure is possible, and probably with the amount of apps available to download onto the phone.

So are all apps offenders of this madware? No, but how will we know if they are. A couple on the list are.. Angry birds!! Wow, who would have thought. That is one of the few apps I do have on my phone! More  top contenders on the list are Brightest Flashlight Free and Zedge.

What can we do about it? What do I do about my PC? NORTON!! Yeah, Norton to the rescue on my Android phone. Norton Spot is an ad detector and scanner of advertising companies that spam your devise through the use of apps.

Norton Spot  is an ad blocker, detector, killer and stopper!! Norton Spot will notify you of the apps you are using that contain malicious ad activity. So how much is this Norton going to cost me?
Nada!! It is FREE for Android phones. What a sigh of relief to know that my phone is being protected, that Norton has stepped up to the plate to provide great detective work with my phone.

I ran Norton Spot on my phone for the first time and came up with 10 apps that were in the level 2 out of 3 potentially annoying category. Apps that are collecting my location coordinates, mobile devise info and displaying ads that I don't care to see.

What if you don't have an android phone? You have no worries, madware only affects Android. Have an Android phone? Super easy for you to download the Norton Spot app on your phone simply by going to google play and searching for Norton Spot Ad Detector. Click on download and install and you are good to go!

I love that this App has made me more aware of the programs that are being download onto my phone. I know it is fun for the kids to play games and that, but really if it is going to be more of annoyance than fun, they can save their game playing for the PC. Norton Spot is a great asset for all Android phone users and I strongly recommend you get it on your phone!

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Norton. I received a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”

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