Monday, December 10, 2012

Snow Day for Mouse by Judy Cox

Mouse is on his 4th book adventure in this darling Snow Day for Mouse book! Judy Cox shares Mouse's adventure as the humans in his house celebrate a snow day off from school. Mouse with his tiny little glasses, and need for adventure, is excited about all of the festivities in the house. Making cookies, mouse goes after a gumdrop that falls to the floor. Cat sees him, and comes out for the attack just as the broom whisks mouse outside into the snow! He ignores the cat and takes some time to ice skate on a mouse sized pond, slide on a leaf sized toboggan, and even make a snow mouse. All the while, looking for that pesky gumdrop he lost.
Mouse made a few bird friends out on his adventure, and his heart feels for them out in the cold, once he is back in the warm house. Even mice can make sacrifices for friends!

Super cute book with a theme of caring for others! Great book to pull out on your first snow day of the year, and you can even download an activity guide to go with Snow Day for Mouse

Judy Cox is an elementary school teacher and the author of picture books and fiction for young readers.
She received an Anne Izard Storytellers’ Choice Award for children for One Is a Feast for Mouse, the first
book about Mouse. She lives with her family in Oregon.
Visit Judy online at

Jeffrey Ebbeler has worked as an art director, book designer, and illustrator. His art for One is a Feast
for Mouse was called “colorful” and “dramatic” by Booklist. His paintings for the second book about
Mouse, Cinco de Mouse-o!, were called “feisty” and “refreshing” in a starred review in Kirkus Reviews.
He plays the trumpet and drums, and Jeff lives with his wife and twin daughters in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Check out his website at

I received a copy of this book from Holiday House in exchange for an honest review.


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