Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too! Veggie Tales

Veggie Tales Little Ones Can Do big Things Too!

This DVD is inspired by the song "Little Guys Can do Big Things too". I remember when that song first came out when my oldest ones were young. Now on a new DVD, my younger ones can learn these great lessons too! They have the song on the show and it brings back such great memories!

Junior interviews 'kids' and asks them if they ever feel small. The themes are so relevent to feeling small today.

I asked my 10 year old to help me review this DVD for my readers, he can still be considered a Little Guy, especially living with a 6 foot 4 inch older brother.

Junior Asparagus in " Bully Trouble" is the first small show on the DVD, and I am glad in the times we are in that Veggie Tales addresses Bullies. "It was good that he stood up to him. We can do anything with God's power"

Lyle the Kindly Viking
"There are lots of silly parts where Larry would sing. The vikings would take things, and they learned in the end that they should share, and we should share."

 David and The Giant Pickle
"David knows that he is little, but with God he can do big things. David isn't afraid of Goliath. He has a better weapon, that weapon is God".

Pistachio The Little Boy Who Woodn't
" Pistachio is silly, and he is not right about what is best for him. His Dad knows what is right for him. We should listen to the people who love us."

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