Friday, December 28, 2012

Keeping on my Shelves from 2012

I review a lot of books over the course of the year, I am kind of addicted to books!
Children's books
Christian Fiction
Homeschool Curriculum
Craft books
Apologetics resources
Non fiction

So with all that I am reviewing and reading through out the year I have to make cuts to what is going to stay on my shelf, and what I will pass on to others or giveaway. Only the best of the best makes it to stay on the shelf (though I am seriously considering more bookshelves!)

Physically going to my bookshelves I attempted to find the 'keepers', keep in mind that a high majority of the books I review I really do love, but for simplicity sake I just can't keep them all, nor can I list all of the ones I loved here.

In no particular order (because I am seriously not organized) is my best of 2012!

Children's Books Fiction
Cows Can't Quack



 Just Flash





 The Stone Hatchlings

Children's Books Non-Fiction
The World of Animals 


Babar's book of colors

Teen/ Young Adult Books

Theft of Swords

The 58th Keeper

 With a name like love



Adult Fiction

Not in the Heart

The Choice

Unexpected Christmas Hero

Soul's Gate


Before Ever After



Desert Intrigue


Adult Non-Fiction

The Last Hunger Season



 Don't put headphones on the cat

 Rock Solid Faith Bible


God's Mighty Warrior

The Gospel Story Bible


 Proverbs Prayers

Jesus Calling

I have probably missed some.. and my apologies if I did. There are so many fantastic books out there for all ages and I really encourage you all to turn off the computer, the TV, the ipods and get back to the joy of reading!! Be blessed this New Year and I am excited to continue to share great books with all of my readers!

Beginning on Monday 12/31 see what some of my Crew Members are reflecting on as we Look Back at 2012!


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  1. These look like great books to check out...adding them to my list. Thanks!