Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Genesis Lamp.. all your lighting needs

Genesis Lamp Corporation is a leader in airport lighting . 
With over 30 years experience in lighting, Genesis Lamp has all you need for FCC approved lighting. It takes skill and professionalism to assist in equipping the runway with the perfect lights. 

Genesis Lamp carries lights for the airport runway, crucial for the pilot and those on board. They also have lights for the heliport, airfield, obstruction towers, and airport. You don’t just pick up a common light bulb from the local five and dime for these needs! 
This applies not only to the largest of commercial airports, but even the small county air strips that rely on having good, quality lighting to illuminate their runway. Safety first!

A Family owned and operated business, Genesis strives to be cutting edge in technology with their lighting. They provide one stop shopping for your entire airport lighting needs as well as your basic household requirements. Halogen, fluorescent, and energy efficient lighting, all at great prices.  Genesis carries bulbs, fixtures and hardware, domes, lens, and even isolation transfers.

You will be able to solely shop at Genesis Lamp for all of your airport lighting needs. Everything you need to provide safety, and great lighting for your business. 

This is a paid promotion, all opinions are solely my own. 

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