Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Friendly Beasts from Zonderkidz

The Friendly Beasts
An Old English Christmas Carol
Performed and Narrated by Rebecca St. James
Illustrated by Anna Vojtech

This traditional carol is about the friendly beasts who saw Jesus that first Christmas morning. A donkey, cow, camel, sheep and doves. 
Each of the beasts give a gift to the baby Jesus in the manger, each paying tribute to the King.
The cover is sparkly and beautiful! Wonderful illustrations showing detail of the animals who were there on that special day.
I tend to get nit picky with the Bible story and the fact that the wise men were not there at the nativity scene, but rather came some time while Jesus was between ages 1 and 2. The book had the wise men there in the scene along with the camel. Most children will not even notice and again I am just fussy about that kind of thing.

Accompanying CD includes the carol sung by Rebecca St. James as you read the book and turn the beautifully illustrated pages.
The 2nd track is Rebecca St. James song Shine your Glory Down
3rd track is brief talk from Rebecca on how she celebrated Christmas growing up in Australia. She also discusses the book, and what it meant to her.
4th track is the story just read, rather than sung. I liked this one for actually reading along with the book as it is easier for the kids to hear the words.

Pick up a copy of this beautifully done book for your Christmas celebration. Keep the focus on Jesus!
Visit Zonderkidz for your copy.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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