Sunday, November 18, 2012

The 13th Day of Christmas by Jason F. Wright

Life is moving along at a nice clip until Charlee's Dad Thomas, loses his construction business and then home in bankruptcy. Most is sold off in a yard sale and they move to where Thomas can find work. the home they can afford is in an old trailer park called 27 homes, far from their old home.

Big brother Zach struggles with the move. Mom Emily is working to make ends meet. Dad has multiple jobs as they come available. Charlee is left alone to walk the neighborhood where unfortunately people aren't overly friendly.

Charlee sees an elderly woman in the one house in the neighborhood and she waves Charlee over. Miss Marva is a widow and her and Charlee become fast friends. Miss Marva is a collector of aprons, each with different saying and symbols on them. One for every day of the year. When Charlee comes over to help decorate for Christmas, Miss Marva has an apron chosen for her.

Bad news hits in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner at Marva's when Charlee passes out from what later is found to be a brain tumor.

The Christmas elves bring Charlee a letter daily for the 13 days before Christmas. Celebrating the traditional 12 days of Christmas song, but tweaking it to be a bit more fun for a young girl. Each day a gift comes with the note as well.

A very special bond between Charlee and Miss Marva developes as God puts these two lonely hearts together just when they need each other most. They are blessed with their time together and their love and friendship is cross generational.

This was a beautiful Christmas story, with strength and love. Miss Marva is a saint in her reaching out to Charlee and her family, and it has blessed them as much as it did Marva herself.

Jason Wright has written a Christmas classic that I will read each season!

I received a copy of this book  in exchange for an honest review. All opinons expressed are solely my own.
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