Thursday, November 29, 2012

nanoblock USA Micro Building Blocks #giveaway

A relatively new building sensation, nanoblock was introduced by the Ohio Art company in 2011. This tiny building set is micro in size, but big in detail. Being able to get in there with such tiny blocks helps to create miniature masterpieces!

The mini series set includes animals like the elephant, dolphin, polar bear, eagle and much more; all in miniature!

The mini "sites to see" is another series of nanoblocks including Empire State Building, Moai Statues, the banyan tree, and more!
320 pieces in this Moai set!!

They also have instruments, holidays and deluxe sets. These are so small that the animals can fit in the palm of your hand. My 17 year old has always loved miniatures, he even writes in miniature. This is the perfect building block for him because of the great detail it has!

You can't review nanoblocks without discussing the difference between these and other building blocks. The larger ones make a larger product, obviously. The larger ones also weigh more when you have a finished product. The small nanoblocks work fine motor skills even more!

One down fall is that it may be harder to keep track of these tiny pieces. We loose other building blocks constantly, these are micro blocks. Highly recommend them staying in a closed container when not built, or better yet, store them in the already built fashion. I would love to see separate pieces sold in a 'creator' style set, without any specific thing to build, to give more freedom of imagination in the building.

This is a must on our shopping list and we can purchase these at our local small town toy store! You can purchase from Ohio Art Company or from Amazon.

Want to try these nanoblocks out? Enter to win the PIG from nanoblock by filling out the rafflecopter below.
Giveaway ends Dec 13th. US only

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  1. i like the "sites to see"


  2. I like the White House.


  3. I like the violin, but they're all so cool!

  4. That piano is cool!

  5. I like the Statue of Liberty. cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net

  6. I like the statues from Easter Island!

  7. The piano


  8. There are so many, I think my boys would like the castle!

  9. I like the Statue of Liberty.


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