Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Growing Up Wild- Indonesia


Often I think of missionaries as adults, moving away to a foreign land to preach the gospel message. Often time preachers and ministers who are trained and called to take the message to a different people group.

This set of DVD's helped me to think on the children of the missionaries as missionaries themselves. In the The Wild brothers, along with Mom Libby and Dad Mike were called to the Mission field of Indonesia, deep in the jungle lands, far from civilization. The four Wild boys, Morgan, Hudson, Kian, and Asher are also true missionaries in this family, sharing with the children of the Wano people of their faith in Jesus Christ.
Geared for ages 5-12, all ages will enjoy the scenery and the stories the Wild family shares with their viewers though!

In Volume 1 of Growing up Wild, there are 3 episodes:
1. Home Sweet Hut
2. Supply Trip
3. Sun and Water

Volume 2
1.Rainy Day
2. New Discoveries
3. Hiking Adventure

Volume 3
1. The Good Earth
2. Near and Far
3. Dr. in the Hut

Volume 4
1. Amazing World Around us
2. Adventures in Culture
3. Tribal Calling

Volume 5
1.Discovering Language
2. The Feast
3. Misconceptions of Missions


For review I was able to watch Video 1 & Video 4. The total running time of the DVD approx 45 minutes, making each episode is approx 15 mins in length. Each begins with a photo montage and music that made my 4 year old dance!
Mom is the narrator of the film, and I suspect Dad may behind the camera.

These videos are extremely well done, they do not give off the 'home video' mentality at all. They are very professional in nature, with a beauty of the country that draws you in. Many homeschoolers like our family, teach our children about famous missionaries of times past, and that is useful in helping them to realize the place God has put people. This supplemental curriculum brings the thoughts of being a missionary to the forefront of their young minds. I love how it shows truthfully how the young boys are engaging in their life in Indonesia. Their building and playing excited my boys to get out and build a hut!

After each episode there are activity suggestions such as
*talk to an elder about your family
*sketch a tree
*Venn diagram comparing your home and the hut
*learn about missions aviation
*make a solar oven
and so much more.

We watched the video straight through because we couldn't help ourselves! We love survival, and missions type films so we had to keep on cruising to find out more. Now I plan to take each episode and add to it the activities at the end, and really get the kids thinking about mission work. There are things they can do to glorify God just in our own neighborhood and I think these dvd's will help kids get excited about sharing Jesus.


I belong to a homeschool group that has a small co-op in the fall. We have an hour per class to work on something. I think this program would fit in perfectly with the co-op style! I had thought of taking a bye this next go around, but this program has changed my mind. I can see those bright children watching these episodes and working on the activities, all while learning about mission work.
Fantastic Job!
May God be glorified through this program!!

As a member of the TOS review crew I received volumes 1 & 4 in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are solely my own. If you want to see what my Crew Mates thought of this series click on the button below.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by!! If you use it with your co-op I would love to read about it!

  2. This is a very interesting point of view. I would never have thought of gearing missions work to children this age.