Sunday, November 11, 2012

Giant Microbes Christmas Mini Microbe Box

 Mini Microbe Box Ornaments will kick start your Christmas decorating! Our family absolutely loves Giant Microbes and their array of all things microscopic. What better way to decorate this year than with these mini microbes. They are sure to draw some conversations around the holiday!
NEW! Christmas Wreath Box Ornaments:
Our new group of popular Christmas ornaments includes Sore Throat singing Christmas carols, White Blood Cell dressed up as a snowman with top hat and carrot nose, Stomach Ache as a delectable gingerbread man, Nerve Cell with angel wings and halo, and a limited edition shimmering gold Amoeba, only available in this set!

Christmas Stocking Box Ornaments:
Penicillin, Salmonella, Red Blood Cell, Dust Mite and limited edition Green Amoeba! Festively adorned with decorative puffs, embroidered holly, snowflakes, reindeer nose and antlers, and cute scarf and ear muffs!

 Christmas Tree Box Ornaments:
Trim your tree with Common Cold, Brain Cell, Kissing Disease, E. coli and the limited edition Red Amoeba, festively adorned with a Santa hat, candy cane, mistletoe, reindeer antlers, and winter scarf.

 Your tree won't be complete without all three. Imagine a small table top tree with just mini microbes on it! That would be a scientists dream tree :)
Enter to win a set today, and stop by Giant Microbes and stock up for Christmas with microbes for stocking stuffers. This is one place I know we will definitely be shopping!

Enter to win your choice of Ornament box in the Christmas for Kids giveaway!!
Begins Nov 12th, US only.
Click here to go to the giveaway 

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  1. These are gross, but in the most adorable way possible My kids would LOVE them!

  2. haha These are so cute and weird! I love them! I like the glittering amoeba the best!

  3. I have never even heard of these before! Too cute.

  4. I love these little guys! I love all of there stuff on the site!!!

  5. These are too funny! My friend is a middle school science teacher and I know she would lOVE these!

  6. I think they are so cute, my kiddos would love to decorate with them

  7. I never heard about them before and they are so cute

  8. I love them! I have some of the regular ones but not the ornaments! So cute!

  9. These are so clever and cute. I'm sure they're more fun than what they represent :)


  10. I love these guys! I've entered several giveaways for the giant microbes but have not won yet :(

    Kimberley Meier
    momof3chaos at gmail dot com