Friday, November 30, 2012

Don Tomas Coffee Sponsor Review #wonderhop

For over a century, four generations of the Don Tomas family have produced 100% Arabica coffee from Nicaragua. 

Their hand picked coffee grows in rich soil shaded by a natural canopy of trees, growing in high elevation with moderate climate. The families live right there on the farm and are able to use their expertise throughout the growing and harvest period. 

First test of a good coffee is that first opening of the bag, and the smell of the coffee beans. 

 Take a nice, deep smell, if they smell good enough to eat, you have great beans! Love to see the oils on the beans.

 I prefer whole beans to grind myself, just find the flavor to be as fresh as possible that way. I always try new coffee un-doctored first! I prefer cream and sugar, but you can not get a true test of the taste with those in it. 
Piping hot, I even captured some of the steam on this coffee. Wish I could make it a scratch and sniff!
I must say I have been spoiled ever since my  husband went to Brazil on a trip. He brought me back tons of coffee and I haven't been able to go back to store brands since. The bar has been set higher with the introduction of this South American coffee.

Don Tomas coffee, Dark Roast met that bar!! Wow was it super coffee. Deeply roasted, I could taste the roast without any acidic flavor at all. The aftertaste was pure coffee. A slight nutty flavor, but mostly the deep roasted flavor. Roasted to perfection it does not have any burnt or overcooked flavor. 

I enjoy knowing the extra details that Don Tomas puts on every bag of coffee. The estate it is from, location, lot name and the elevation. 
You can purchase coffee from Don Tomas Marketplace for $10 lb. Fantastic price for this gourmet coffee. 

Giving Back
" Don Tomas’ dedication to quality extends beyond just great handpicked coffee, to a continued investment in building a healthy community. Some of these projects include the construction and staffing of a school, which educates the children in the community as well as provides continuing education for adults. We have also opened a small medical clinic and a house of worship on the farm, all of which are open to neighboring communities as well."

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What is your favorite kind of coffee?

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  1. i drink mostly decaf, so my options are limited, i know. i love anything strong, with fruity or chocolatey notes.

  2. I like trying new brands ...definately dark roast tho :)

  3. Maxwell House

  4. i like starbucks dark french roast

  5. I don't really have a favorite, but every now and then I will splurge on hazelnut flavored coffee.

  6. My favorite kind of coffee is flavored coffee. I prefer coffee that is freshly roasted like or

  7. I don't have a favorite, as I'm always trying new types. Generally I prefer dark roasts. Not a huge fan of fancy flavored coffees, though I do enjoy the occasional hazelnut.

  8. I like medium-dark roast, especially beans from Costa Rica.

  9. I like a smooth roast. I often buy Trader Joes or Dunkin Donuts for that. I am also a big fan of Green Mountain Blueberry coffee.

  10. I like flavored coffees such as hazelnut or chocolate.

  11. We drink Maxwell House Breakfast Blend it Master Blend

  12. I love flavored coffee, anything vanilla or caramel gets my vote

  13. Fresh ground and single brewed ethiopian blend.