Thursday, November 15, 2012 Hybrid Solar Flashlight #outdoorgiveway

Buy Green

The largest selection of Eco Friendly Products!! is one of my favorite online shops, a storehouse of all eco friendly products at just the click of a mouse. I don't need to search high and low on the web for great products, Buy Green has already done it for me!!

It is a trusted source for:

You and your Family

 This solar lite is perfect for the cold dark nights, and storms with the threat of the power going out. With it getting dark at 5:00pm (unbelievably) that leaves a lot of evening in the dark. This flashlight is of great quality, and easy to use!

 I highly recommend for your Holiday Gift shopping. I am putting them in the Men's Gift guide on Jubilee Reviews simply because I needed more in that category. They actually fit into each and every category I have in the Christmas Jubilee Guide!

You can enter to win a Hybrid Solar Flashlight in the Outdoor Gifts Giveaway Hop, now through Nov 30th!


  1. It's great that the battery is rechargeable!

  2. This is really cool! I know my husband would love this for Christmas!

  3. they have TONS of green stuff... I too like the solar products, great selection and good prices.