Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wacky Wonky Wednesday

Wacky Wonky Wednesday

I am rarely without words, so really Wordless Wednesday just isn't working for me!! I don't take enough fantastic pictures throughout the week to share.
In our zoo we tend to have many wacky wonky moments however, times that I just slap my forehead and say Aye, Aye, Aye!!
So I am creating a Wacky Wonky Wednesday Meme to share (if I can remember them for the week!!) the crazy things I and the kids say and do throughout the week. To laugh with us in our craziness!
Laughter is great for your health!!

This cracked me up this week when my 4 year old, stands with hands on his hips and says

"Mom, I am bored.. (pause) dot com"
as if the dot com made it much more important!!

I biggie for the week.. aye aye aye
You know how you get used to your own Walmart, where things are and such.. like the Men's and Women's restrooms. Well... I was at a different Walmart and why on earth they would do this is beyond me. The swapped sides for the Men's and Women's bathroom.
 My Walmart has women's on the Right,  Men's on the Left.

  Not this Walmart!! But did I look first?? No of course not!

I walk into the right bathroom, which in my feable mind is the women's and see my 13 year old son at a urinal.. him,, brain takes a few seconds to realize the layout of this bathroom isn 't quite familiar.. Oh my goodness!!
I come out and crash into my 10 year old son, who looks at me like I have lost it... perhaps I have!!
My face turns bright red and I proceed into the correct bathroom. I think now I will be hyper sensitive even second guessing myself at my own store..

What Wacky Wonky things happened to you this week??


  1. Love the com! My kids went through a phase of doing that.

  2. Funny thing @Barb, my husband went through that phase as well :)

  3. hahahaha dot com. How funny! My son sometimes says stuff like I have to go pee so bad dot com!

  4. LOL that's so funny!!! The dot com and the bathroom thing.

    This week I was sitting on my recliner with my feet up and my 2 year old daughter comes over, grabs one of my socks, yanks it off and exclaims "LET'S ALL SHARE THESE SOCKS!" Then takes off.

  5. When my kids add the dot com I feel like I've been on the computer too long! lol.