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Written by Rallie McAllister, MD, MPH and a Mom! She incorporates information from over 60 other Mommy doctors, who answer questions on pregnancy and child rearing. Who better to go to for your questions than those who have been there as moms, but have the knowledge of doctors!

Mommy MD Guides is a 3 part series. The first book is Pregnancy and Birth and has over 900 tips for you from 60 Mommy Doctors. Tips they used in their own pregnancies and birthing. This guide takes you each week in your pregnancy. So easy to just turn to the week you are in and be encouraged in some of the things you are dealing with at the time.

Let's pretend we are in week 23...
Your baby is about 11 inches long from head to toe, about the size of a frisbee.
Your baby hair is growing, the middle ear is forming, and it's pancreas is developing.. Such cool information on where your baby is in his growth!
What about you, how are you developing? You are getting nice and round and beautiful.
This chapter gives suggestions for baby showers. Also some hints on helping with your new center of gravity to prevent falling. They also begin to discuss pain control for labor, to get you thinking ahead. Rallie includes tips throughout and experiences other Mommy doctors had.
This much information for each week of your pregnancy!!

The 2nd book in the series, is you guessed it.. Your Baby's First Year

This edition also breaks down the chapters into months of the baby's first year. It gives development of your child, as well as ways to take care of yourself. As your baby grows it gives suggestion for playing, for safety, and more. It is a wealth of information from Moms who have been there!

The  3rd in the series was just released and focuses on the Toddler Years.

If you purchase all 3 books you will be covered for years!!!

One of my favorite areas of the website is the Recommended Products page, where they list things that Moms have found to be a great help for your childbearing, raising years.

 Check out Daddy MD Guides for the men. Give them their own baby care book, written just for them, by Dads who are also doctors.

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  1. What a great concept! I'm sure many women would find this series very useful.

  2. The answers tab is very comprehensive, from pregnancy to grandkids it breaks down into lots of common questions.
    Jdkohines at gmail

  3. Good tips on packing your pregnancy bag - button up comfy pajamas, snacks, slipper socks, pads...

  4. Great tips on beating the cold bugs in kids!


  5. They have so many helpful hints on the spectrum of parenting issues

  6. I like the article on Delivery Preparations and Nursing Preparations

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  8. In "Taming Your Toddler's Fears," studies show in school age kids, if they think they see a monster, boys would rather fight it and girls would rather avoid it. That figures!")

  9. They have helpful guides/articles from conception through to toddler years and even for grandparents!

  10. I like this tip When a toddler is acting out and misbehaving, it’s not so much misbehaving as it is challenging you. If what the child was doing was dangerous and it was a safety issue, I stopped whatever I was doing, held the child close to my face, and said “No” in a very harsh tone. That way, the child knew that “no” was different from the hundreds of other “nos” they heard.

  11. I didn't know that baths could help heartburn!