Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jesus Calling Teen Giveaway

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
Enjoy Peace in His Presence

Based on Sarah's book Jesus Calling, this edition is geared for teens and young adults. I personally still found it very meaningful as an 'old' adult! I have not read the original book, and I will be putting that on my Christmas list. 

This devotional is written in a way that it feels as if Jesus is talking directly to you. Sarah Young has put a significant amount of prayer and waiting on the Lord to write this intimate book. 

365 day devotional, takes 5-10 minutes to read and there is suggested scripture verses to reference and read as well. 
This is a perfect size devotional for busy teens, just enough to get their day started on the right foot, and their spirit delved into the word of God. 

I think this book will deeply minister to teens if we can get it into their hands!

Tommy Nelson is offering my readers the opportunity to put this book in one of their hands!

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Purchase a copy for each of the teens on your Christmas list by visiting Tommy Nelson http://e2.ma/click/me24c/2qiihj/2aegw

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


  1. sometimes we need a word from God and when we read the devotional we know He is talking to us, letting us know He is with us, and He is the All Mighty. (rae ramos)

  2. It has always given me that time to grow closer in my own personal walk with the Lord. Having quiet time just to seek God's will through His word is one of the greatest gifts He has given us

  3. When I have devotions in the morning it helps me to be thinking about God's will for me through out the day and it's just a wonderful time when I grow closer to God and just helps me to be at peace knowing that God loves me and is in control no matter what I may be going through.

  4. Devotions are those special moments I have to reflect, thank God, and ask for advice. It's my one-on-one time and prepares me for whatever challenges and celebrations I may face.


  5. When I read devotions, it reminds me of God's love and mercy. It really helps!
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  6. Sometimes God will speak to us in a short little writing that will make our whole day take on a better outlook!
    Teens can really use something geared for them with the word of God.



  7. Even though most of them are very short, they seem to have a big message in them, I enjoy reading daily devotions.