Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Indoctrination Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America

This book will raise an uproar, especially amongst Christian families in America who are sending their children to Government run, public schools.. and it should. It is the bare, naked truth about the schools and the indoctrination they are putting on your children. As soon as I saw this book, I was thrilled that there was educated professionals who could put in words what I have felt in my spirit since I first decided that my child would be homeschooled. Even in a Christian school setting, I was able to witness in Kindergarten some of the issues that are explored in this book.
Indoctrination, the book is a supplement to the documentary IndoctriNation. They had so much information and data to share, that it overflowed from the show into a book form.

I feel this is a MUST read for all Christian families. For all of them whether they homeschool, or send their child to school. Every family needs to be armed with the facts of the route the school system in America is headed.

With nearly 30 contributors to this movement, you can't say it is just one person's opinion. This is a vast, well known group of contributors whose hearts are being moved by the Spirit of God to share their God given wisdom with Christian families.
I am amazed by the vastness of knowledge that these writers bring together. There is no other book that shows the public school system in such light.

I loved this in the editor's note " Dear Parent; This book is meant to persuade you to remove your children from public schools. Think of it as reality 101 - a crash course in a subject that wasn't offered in any school you or I ever attended. The vital prerequisites for this course are 1. a love for God. 2. a love for your children. 3. An open mind" (pg 15)

This cause, of Christian families bringing their children back home for a Godly education is one of the most dear to my heart. I can not give the facts, nor cite the examples anywhere near the quality that this book does. I have no desire to argue the facts, simply to get a copy of this book into your hands. I think it is high time for Christian families to make a Great Exodus from the indoctrination. This book will show you proof and studies on why that should be.

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  1. I am curious... what is being indoctrined? Ill be honest I was a public school teacher and Christian (now a sahm) and I am on my kindle so I cant click through to the links

  2. I'm glad you had the courage to mention "Christian School" - truth is they are more similar to public schools than not. The sad little secret is many Christians have been duped into believing its OK to send their kids to them because they put "Christian" in the name.

  3. Indoctrination into a system that is set against God. How anti-Christian ideologies, humanism, and secularism reign throughout the system. I highly recommend the book. It was an eye opener, and as I mentioned, thoroughly researched and does include thoughts from public school teachers and principles about what they saw within their own schools.

  4. I totally agree about the Christian school being similar. I pulled my son out of one at just the kindergarten age. Though God may not be wiped out of it, there is still alot of control being put on the school and teachers, plus not all of them or the students are christians.

  5. Challenging and great post, Melanie! Thank you.

  6. I've seen the Indoctrination DVD. Curious what the book would contain. The DVD was great. I have tried to get others, that are not homeschooling, to watch it. Certainly confirms what I already know, homeschooling is the best decision for the future of our kids. Looking forward to the facebook party on this. I rsvp'd that I was going. Can't wait.

  7. I'm going to A Book and a Bite FB party on October 18, and I'm inviting my friends. Are you going?

  8. I have not read any of this book; I am only responding to your post and the comments. Before there is any misreading of my tone, as is so easy to do in text, please know that I am addressing you respectfully and simply stating my personal, heartfelt feelings on the subject. Then we can agree to disagree. Begin: I don't know where people keep getting this notion from that Christians in America are being oppressed. Rather, in America Christianity is shoved in the faces of non-Christians constantly, instead of allowing all to enjoy the diverse and secular nation we are supposed to be. Christianity, as well as other religions, and religious-based education, definitely does not belong in public school. It should stay in church, home, and any private school that wants to teach religious-based education. Public school and all other public services, including government, are not to endorse or teach any religion, including the predominant one in our country today (note that it is not the *only* one, and not everyone subscribes to a religion). That is the end of my response. Thank you.