Wednesday, October 3, 2012

God, Girls, and Guys by Robin Marsh and Lauren Nelson

God, Girls and Guys

Answers to Questions on Dating & Relationships

By Robin Marsh and Lauren Nelson

Geared toward teen girls, Robin Marsh a news anchor and Lauren Nelson Miss America 2007 help young ladies understand some of the questions they have about dating and what the Bible has to say about some of those questions.

Firstly what is Love? God is love, and he desires to love us deeply and for us to return it. Having that relationship with God is foremost in importance. Through personal stories Robin and Lauren share their thoughts and reflections. There is a page for you to answer some questions on yours as well.

Young girls are in a season of going from ‘boys have cooties’ to ‘boys are cuties’ and have a lot of emotions running through their minds. Don’t rush into a serious relationship. You have time to get to know someone, and enjoy being a teen. Don’t be exclusive, instead hang out in groups. The authors give a break down for how dating has evolved over time, mentioning that the Bible does not discuss dating but rather courtship.

Additional chapters like Boy Friends and Boyfriends, Tears Fears and Drama, The Label to Avoid , and more.

The truth of the book and main theme is God is the man who will never let you down. It does answer some of the questions young girls may struggle with, but the heart of the matter is trusting God and letting Him lead.

I think this is a good book for girls already looking to date. If their family is of the courtship thought than it really wouldn’t be relevant.

I received a copy of this book for free to facilitate an honest review.  You can purchase yours at
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