Friday, October 19, 2012

Crossbow Education- Reading Rulers


Early in 1980 a couple researchers, Meares and Irlen discovered Visual Stress, where people have a hard time reading from the glare of the white paper.  It is not something that can not be corrected by reading glasses as it is perceptual in nature. For young learners this visual stress can be very hard on their education as reading is such a large component of their learning.
Crossbow Education  provides learning tools that help with Visual Stress and other learning disorders like Dyslexia.


I have personally have 2 children who struggle with reading. Being in a homeschool situation I don't have feedback as to what their learning issues would be like you do in a public school. I need to look for tools taht I can use to help them in their struggles. Reading Rulers is one of the tools that Crossbow offers.
The eye level reading ruler is about 6 inches in length, to basically cover the entire width of your page. It has a small transparent line for reading individual sentences, or it also has a larger section for paragraph reading.  It is colored to reduce the glare of the white on most typical books and papers. I received a pack of 10 rules, with each color available.

You can purchase a 10 pack for $16.95 and have the option of choosing one of each color, a pack of the five most popular colors or 10 of a specific color from the list above. It is recommended if you have not tried the rulers before that you get a pack of the different colors and you will be able to find a specific color that works better for you. There is no test to see which one that may be, each person varies, as does the lighting in each of your situations.
The rulers help to underline and highlight text which I have noticed with my struggling readers has helped alot. My 10 year old says it helps him to keep his spot, and not get confused with all of the other words around. He prefers to use the small section on the top of the reader and has found Sky to be the color that works best for him. He felt the yellows were too bright. He seemed to do best with the Aqua, Sky and Purple range.

Out of curiosity, and because I am getting to that point of needing reading glasses, (but want to delay as long as possible), tried out the various colors in my small text Bible. I was the opposite of my son and found the blues to be too dark and actually the yellow for me was the most helpful. I have tucked yellow safely in my Bible for whenever I have tired eyes and need a little help.

(no I do not always ready sideways... technical difficulties :) )


These reading rulers are used in over 50% of the schools in the UK!

In addition to the Reading Rulers, Crossbow sells other helping tools like
Spelling and Math games for junior learners
Phonics and Spelling Helps
and Language Arts Writing helps

I am excited to see this company grow and provide wonderful tools for us parents who have struggling readers.

As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I received product from Crossbow to better facilitate my review. See what my Crew Mates thought of the Reading Rulers by clicking on the banner below!



  1. oh that is wonderful! My middle child is a struggling reader with an undiagosed learning problem (testing soon and it's suspected dyslexia and ADD). She has told me in the past that green and blue pages are easier to read than other colors and she already reads with a piece of cardboard to keep her words in place.

  2. Interesting. My oldest is only 4, so she's still learning how to read, but I'd be curious to see if these would make any kind of difference for her.