Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Better than Chocolate by Sheila Roberts

The title of this book caught my eye, there isn't much better than chocolate other than true love :)
Sweat Dreams Chocolate Company is about ready to go bankrupt and Samantha doesn't want to see the company that has been in the family for generations go under. She moves to Icicle Falls Washington from her life in California to run the company.
They decide to have a chocolate festival to bring in more business, but it seems every way they move things are against them staying in business.
Any book that takes place in a chocolate factory and includes recipes will wet your appetite. There is some poor language in this book, but nothing that will burn your ears too bad. It is not a christian fiction book, which I typically read. I have read Sheila Roberts book The Nine Lives of Christmas last winter about a lively cat and enjoyed that.

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  1. The title caught my eye, too. Sounds like an enjoyable read, but be prepared to crave some chocolate. Glad that they put in recipes, too. That is always fun in books like this.