Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Farmer's Daughter Recipes from a Mennonite Kitchen

A Farmer's Daughter
Recipes from a Mennonite Kitchen
By Dawn Stoltzfus

Dawn grew up Mennonite on a farm in Ohio. Through her time growing up she always had the desire to cook and serve her family through good food. Once she left home she eventually was led to open a  restaurant in Washington DC, named The Farmer's Wife, after her own mother.
The recipes that are in this book come from her childhood as well as the restaurant.
Seasoned with stories associated with the recipes and helpful hints, this cookbook would be a lovely addition to any kitchen. Hearty, fulfilling foods to serve your family in love!

I have heard so many people talking about these Pumpkin Lattes so I thought I would try out the recipe in the Farmer's Daughter cookbook on page 24. The lattes looked wonderful, easy to make, and so much cheaper than I hear people spending on one from a coffee shop. I have decided that I am not one who enjoys drinking pumpkin flavored drinks. It was nothing to do with this recipe, it just seemed to me that pumpkin has no place in coffee... But I love pumpkin so what next..

I decided to try the recipe for Pumpkin Bars with Cinnamon Cream. I am in a pumpkin mood with all of this nice cool weather!!

These bars were so tasty!!  A great fit for the pumpkin I loaded up on at the grocery last week (in case we have a shortage in pumpkin of course!).

The only ingrediend besides pumpkin I don't typically have on hand is cream cheese so once I picked that up it was basic ingredients from there. It is made on a Jelly Roll pan and smothered with cream cheese frosting, what isn't to love! Like Dawn mentions in her book, it is such a blessing to bring happiness to your family through good foods.

Now since I live in a Mennonite Community I must add that a lot of these recipes seemed to be scaled down for your typical American family in size. Of the friends I know, they would have to at least double most of them as I do for my larger family. So don't think you are getting recipes that will feed droves, they are scaled down!
This cookbook will help you try out some of those nice, home cooked recipes with the basic ingredients you have on hand!!

I received a copy of this book from Revell in exchange for an honest review.
You can pick up a copy at your local Christian bookstore or at Barnes and Noble

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  1. I love cooking and it would be interesting to try "real American" home style food