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Pirate in Training I Can Read Beginning Reader

Zonderkidz I Can Read Beginning Reader 1

Pirate in Training Veggie Tales
By Karen Poth

I have mentioned this before that I have a struggling reader and sometimes finding beginning readers for him that aren't babyish can prove difficult. Thankfully he loves Veggie Tales still and as we all do, the Pirates Who Don't do Anything!!

In this story Junior wants to become a pirate because school is too hard. He comes aboard the ship and tells the pirates he is there to train. He wants to play games all day. The pirates indeed had to go to school to learn to pay the bills, and read maps. The pirates encourage him to go to school to learn so he can be all that God has planned for him. 

Based on Proverbs 13:4
"People who refuse to work want things and ge nothing. But the longings of people who work hard are completely satisfied"

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1001 Bible Questions Kids Ask.. and God Answers

Based on the New International Version, this book is geared toward the tough questions  young kids ask. The simple question and answer format begins in Genesis and goes through the New Testament touching on important topics and questions about God, heaven, Jesus and more.

Questions are answered by scripture with the chapter and verse in parenthesis. The book of the Bible is found as a guideword along the top corner of the page. You can choose a topic of question in the topic index in the back of the book.

This is geared toward kids ages 6-9, but we all will gain wisdom in some of the answers, and reminders of God's great love.

This book would be a great tool to use around the dinner table for discussion, reading a few each night. I think it would be a great conversation starter for all ages.

You can purchase a copy of this book from Zonderkidz for $6.99

I received a copy free to better facilitate an accurate review. All opinons expressed are solely my own.

Amish Mennonite Baked Goods

I can't find a place on FB to post the list for my neighbor for her baked goods order, so utilizing my blog for it :)

If you are local feel free to get with me if you would like to order now through Dec 31st. Either FB message me or give me a call if you would like anything!!

Homemade Baked Goods
Made by Amish Mennonite Ladies

Breads: $3.50
Sourdough White (& Wheat)
Honey Wheat
Basic White Bread
Wheat Dinner Rolls (10)
White Dinner Rolls  (10)

Sweet Breads $5.50 Large
                       $2.25 small
Pumpkin Nut
Banana Nut
Zucchini Nut

Pies 8" $6.50
Pecan ($6.75)

Bars 5 ct. $2.75
Chess Bars
Brownie Bars

Cookies Tray of 8 $2.50
Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter
Frosted Sugar Cookies

Cakes $15
Carrot Cake
Angel Food Cake
Jam Cake
Chocolate Cake W/Caramel Frosting

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Rolls 6" $5.00

Uncle Milton Star Wars Science

Star Wars Science with Uncle Milton Toys
Star Wars Science is a great way for children to compare the science of our world to that of the universe. Each product is designed to captivate their imagination. They won't even know they are learning science as they play with Uncle Milton's Toys!

Check out the Light Saber Room Light where you test your true Jedi skills by building your own Light Saber! Once built it mounts on the wall and gives off lights in 9 different color modes. Total built size is 25" long. 

Look at these other fun products!

Death Star Planetarium
Holographic Animation Lab
Jedi Telescope
and more!

Uncle Milton has several other lines of products that would be great for Gift Giving this Christmas
Genuine Ant Farms 
Nat Geo Wild
In My Room

Innovative, Creative, Educational gifts that all ages will enjoy!
Be sure to check out Uncle Milton for your Holidays!

Uncle Milton on Facebook 
@unclemiltontoys on Twitter

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Merry Little Christmas by Anita Higman

Witty and gloriously romantic! Picture farm born and raised Franny, working her parents farm, caring for the pigs and cows, living alone in the country.. meets wealthy, city boy Charlie Landau,who is trying to meet his father's expectations. Somehow there is a connection. They both love music. They both love the Lord. Something clicks between them, but can they really have a go at it when their worlds are so vastly different? Expecially when controlling tycoon Mr. Landau, Charlie's father is determined to have Charlie follow in his footsteps and take over the company business. Franny has been alone for so long, has the devil convinced her that noone can love her?

This was one of those precious books you won't want to put down. Such a beautiful love story!! Franny is so witty and fun. I so want to move in next door to her. Her loving heart breaks through the segregation bias and loves the blacks and whites alike. She takes the opportunities presented to her to teach others about the inequalities and how they are not right. Economic and social status have no place in Franny's love, nor that of her Lord.

Link to buy the book:   

See what others thought of the book by clicking on this link

For more information on Anita Higman and her books, visit

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Bear Creek Candle Company Sponsor Review

Beautiful handcrafted candles made in a Green America approved business! You know these candles are going to be stellar.
The pillar is 4 inch in diameter and can be either 6 or 9 inches in height. Nice creamy beeswax color that will match any decor. 

You can purchase them unscented or with an aromatherapy scent. I chose the scented in Winterspice and it smells wonderful. Getting me in the mood for the winter holidays. 

Beeswax candles are so much healthier than petroleum by product ones, and have been around for centuries. Beeswax has always been a useful ingredient for even the pioneers.

The flame at first can be a bit daunting.. you will want to keep this away from jumping children and animals. Make sure to keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 inch. The wick is 100% cotton.

They also sell pure soy candles in wonderful fall scents.

I am excited to let you know Bear Creek Candle Company is our Sponsor for the Great Turkey Escape Blog Hop!! Be sure to come back to visit on Nov 1st for the giveaway! Leaving a comment on this post will get you an extra entry into the rafflecopter giveaway so go ahead and get started early. 


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Purex plus Oxi Sweepstakes & Giveaway

 I love using natural detergents, and I try most of the time to do that. 
With living on a farm, and having 6 boys/men in my home, there are times our clothing needs a little more umph to get them clean!

This Triple Action Purex plus OXI does the trick. The OXI helps whiten and brighten whites, and holds fast the colors that are in our clothing. It includes Zout Stain Removers as well, something that is much needed on those tough stains. 

I have 2 coupons to give to my readers from Purex for a bottle of this new detergent. You can enter to win by using the rafflecopter below. Also Purex is having a sweepstakes with over $3000 in prizes you won't want to miss! You can Click on the Enter to Win to take you to the Sweepstakes.

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Smoobee No Cry Brush Giveaway

I feel for my daughter when I have to brush her hair and she pulls away because it just hurts! I was interested in trying out the Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush to see how different it is from other brushes she has. It is designed to go through the hair without catching and snagging the hair. 
Of course a Mother designed it!!

Smoobee’s unique design:
- Extra thick tips on nylon bristles are soft on young scalps
- Longer white nylon bristles separate sections of hair easily
- Short black synthetic boar bristles work through tangled hair
- Ceramic coating around the rim smoothes and shines hair
- Handle and body are made from durable, long-lasting wood.

Not only is it a great brush for young ones, it can be personalized by them with glittery bling! Add some fun jeweled stickers to their brush and watch them take ownership of their creation!

This brush is great quality, I found it to be as nice as some of my best brushes. That is great that they are making a brush like this special for little girls. Now maybe my daughter won't be taking mine all of the time!!

Enter to win a Smoobee brush of your own! 
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Faber-Castell Creativity Giveaway

I have always been a creativity loving Mama! I love to stock my playroom with arts and crafts for the kids to build from when they are done with their school work. Faber-Castell is quickly becoming one of our favorite shops for artist products.
I enjoy sharing the variety of mediums that you can create with, and Faber-Castell makes it easy to purchase a variety to work with. The beauty of the Oil Pastels in drawing allows you to blend the colors easily with your finger, for a nice soft affect. To paint the river and the beauty of the fall and then soften it, makes a beautiful effect. This 36 Count Oil Pastels allows such a variety of color that you can easy blend together for even more color possibilities. These are studio quality oil pastels and put quality tools in my young artist's hands.

The second item we tried and loved were the watercolor pencils from Faber-Castell. All watercolor pencils are not created equal, truly. You need them to be fluid enough to draw on the paper, but enough ink put forth on the paper to blend it with just a touch of water and a brush. I love the effective of water color pencils. They work wonderfully for doing a detailed watercolor drawing, using much less water for younger children than the water colors they are familiar with in their early school days.
The colors are highly pigmented, acid free, and fade resistant. Perfect medium for kids and adults to work with!

Dogs in the Garden by Bibi
Daisies by saramaya

Try out these beautiful Oil Pastels yourself with a giveaway from Faber-Castell of a 12 Count Oil Pastels
We will have 2 winners, each getting a 12 count box. 
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Down to Earth Toys Green Christmas Sponsor

Down to Earth Toys offers 90% of their products Made in the USA!! 
The baby and infant toys are eco-friendly, organic, and made out of recycleable and biodegradable materials.
These beautifully crafted toys are safe for kids, and safe for the environment!
I love that they even carry Fair Trade toys. Something for everyone on your Christmas shopping list!

Check out this super cool Secret Decoder that your bigger kids would love! Watch them walk around writing codes and deciphering them as they play secret agent. Love the wooden, pocket size decoder. They come in sets of 2 so that you can play with a friend. The secret decoder uses the Caesar Cipher to encrypt and decode, much like Julius Caesar did.

The toys at Down to Earth Toys are ones that you keep around for a lifetime and hand down to future generations. I love toys that are well made like this, that show character and longevity. None of those breakable plastic toys that end up in the landfill. With the artistry in these toys you will be telling your children and grandchildren that you care about what you purchase for them this Christmas season! 
Be eco friendly this year and buy from Down to Earth Toys!!

Watch for the  Green Christmas Gift Giveaway Hop where Down to Earth Toys will be giving away a $50 GC!!
Jump over a take a look at all of the wonderful toys they have for Christmas!!

What toy from Down to Earth Toys will you love most for your young ones?
Enter to win HERE

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RECON Curriculum


RECON is a High School Bible Curriculum geared toward junior and seniors. It is the first of it's kind to be backed by a national networking site. It prepares the student internally for the spiritual warfare they will face in college as well as helping teach them to reach out to the international students around them.
Lessons 1-38 cover defensive training. Lesson 2-72 on offensive training.
This study is intended for 4 days of instruction per week for 18 weeks, one semester.
It is meant for utilization in the school day rather than used in a youth group type situation because of the need for use more often than once a week. A Christian school could very well use this curriculum with their college bound seniors. There is an element to each days lesson that incorporates small groups. This of course was not able to be done through a homeschool to the same effect it would have in a larger group.

This curriculum is intense and to really get the most of of it the students need to focus, complete the homework and make sure to do it 4 times a week. I used this with my 10th and 12th grader.

Student Workbook coil binding for $12.99
Teacher Book coil bound 400 pages $21.95

Recon is a generational college ministry model that:
  • starts with Christian high school students and
  • builds a bridge to college that
  • becomes a network for the college-aged part of the Body of Christ that
  • morphs into a united army of believers all over the country that
  • engages in spiritual warfare to free those trapped by the enemy

So how exactly do we use this program? It is your basic teacher manual and student workbook, no extra things you need to do online, or watch on dvd.

We grab our bibles and sit around the kitchen table.
Each day has a teaching objective, and learning objectives to focus your attention to.
The Boot Camp day begins with a breakout session for small groups. We did talk about these topics with just the 3 of us without too much problem.

I then teach with the Briefing Notes for about 30-40 minutes. It typically is shorter than that as I am only working with 2 kids. The kids pick out the key words to fill in their workbook as I read through the teacher manual.

In the beginning of the curriculum they have an Explore After Class section where they evaluate, read, interview and other activities to help cement what they learned. After day 10 this is now called the Dog TAG (time alone with God). There were some Dog TAGS that suggested using the internet and researching some of the given apologetic courses. There were print ideas as well. I prefer to keep my boys off the internet as much as possible so we chose to skip any that roped us into the computer.

 This curriculum could easily be used for young adults as well as those who are new in the faith. It is eye opening and really makes you look internally. As the teacher I was able to grow in learning at the same time as the kids.

This program takes on added meaning to me as I was saved in college, amongst many international students. Our fellowship in college was peppered with students from Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China and more and it was a blessing to see them take that back to their own country after college, a goat of the outreach this program talks about!

It was difficult some weeks to get 4 lessons in, just with the coming and going of ball practice and college classes for the older one. I plan to continue on with the RECON for the rest of the year with the boys, and then utilize it when the younger ones are older. There is knowledge to be found here and I appreciate the creativity Bill Perry has put into this program!

  The 'short' message of the Gospel  
The Gospel in Your Hands by Bill Perry



I received the RECON curriculum as a TOS review member to better facilitate my review. All opinons expressed are solely my own. Please click on the banner above to see what my other Crew Mates thought of RECON!!