Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ecobears by Yvonne Wright and David Sterricker

 Ecobears is a concept created by Yvonne Wright & David  Sterricker in 1996. They use these darling bears to help celebrate awareness of using alternative materials and solar energy. The characters in the stories seek to help the climate. Yvonne has created the stuffed version of Ecobears with hemp, recycled cotton, and recycled wool, the first of it's kind in the 20th century to utilize such fabrics in a toy!

The first Ecobears book is based on these ecofriendly toys, as they go on action packed adventures to protect their planet Vynen, and share their knowledge with Earth. 

Learn about planet Vynen where purple mountains and clear seas are home to neon birds, insects, and momomouths. The Ecobears are guardians of Vynen.
Such description in this book! You can visualize the planet of Vynen, and it is just beautiful!! I love the imagery that David Sterricker provides in this utopian planet.
It is very futuristic in it's telling, with the bears being much more advanced in conservation than the earthlings are. They get ready to embark on a journey to earth, when they discover their enemies Dilus and Krakkov have united and formed an alliance together. These enemies are against conservation and carrying for resources and now they are double trouble and on earth!

Action packed and paged turning, will the Ecobears be able to help Earth and capture Dilus and Krakkov?
What will the people of Earth think of the 'Vynen Tree Propagation Capsule"?
This books ends with a definite adventure lying ahead!!

You can read more about Ecobears and their creators at

Read more about how Yvonne and David live off grid in the North of Spain and each ecobear toy is made with solar energy!

This bear "Harvest" was the first bear made in 1996.
Take a look here at all of their beautiful creations!!
Print off a cute coloring page for your Eco loving kiddos!!

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  Thanks so much to Ecobears for the opportunity to review this wonderful story book!!


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