Sunday, September 30, 2012

Box of IDEAS -Salt TOS review


SALT who would have thought such a small word with have so much to it!

Geared for ages 9-16, these modules work wonderfully with the entire family in a Unit Study format.
Yep, there I am again, with those unit studies. You have got to love how God created each family to homeschool in a format that is unique to their homeschool and situation. I love the variety!
So you know Unit Studies are kind of my 'thing'. I honestly never would have given so much time and interest to SALT. I was seriously skeptical when I heard I was reviewing a unit on salt. I am amazed at the amount of information that Box of IDEAS supplies us with in regard to SALT.

So what is Box of IDEAS? It is a look at a simple subject like SALT, where you take the history, science, language and more of it and explore deeper. It is an avenue for getting kids off the TV, computer, etc and finding out information on their own.. to spark their interest in something they normally wouldn't consider exciting!

You can choose to receive a physical box with all of the papers and activities you need for each of the 10 modules. You will have to supply your own pencil, and a very few things to do an activity. For the 10 modules in Salt, the only thing I needed other than a pencil was water, a measuring cup and a freezer. It is helpful too if you have internet access for some of the further study options.
You can also purchase the pdf download instead to print of things as you go.
I actually preferred the box version, because given my time restraints, it is much easier to grab a bag out of the box, which you can use in any order, and take it and run!


The physical box sells for $79.00
The pdf download of the same unit is $49.00

In the physical box I received 10 individual modules, or bags. Each bag is labeled with exactly what I need, including the Title of that day's study. There is a quote on the front of each bag that you can utilize as a subject starter, a writing prompt or just for oral recessitation.

The titles in the Salt box are as follows.. (told you I couldn't believe there was so much to know about salt!)
*The Salt March
*Preserving with Salt
*Producing Salt
*Science of Salt
*The wall that Salt built
*Need Salt
*Very Salty
*Salt of the Earth
*The History of Salt

 With a simple definition of Salt from Merriam Webster, "a crystalline compound NaCl that consists of sodium chloride, is abundant in nature, and is used especially to season or preserve food or in industry —called also common salt" it has been wonderful to delve much deeper into it!

In Need Salt we learned that the recommended daily sodium content is 2300mg. We filled out the Let's Eat Menu Planner for the day and had 3500mg easily! Without even adding salt. What an eye opener for the kids and myself. 

Salt of the Earth required us to get out the handy atlas to find some of these countries on the map. Great geographical study for us!

These modules are all about SALT but can be used in any order and for any length of time. Spend as little or as long as you like on the activity based on how your children are enjoying it. Searching the kitchen for salt on food labels may excite your kids more than learning about the political conflicts arising from Salt or vice-avers. That is the beauty of Box of IDEAS is that is has an aspect to appeal to everyone.

Some ways to use this program:
1.I can also easily take one of the modules with us when we go on a trip, to keep the kids up to speed with learning.
2.We can utilize them once a week in the summer for additional learning.
3. I can pick one of the components to go along with something we are already studying, to give it just a little more depth
4. I can take it to my Co-op class for younger kids, water one of the modules down a little bit and hook them into thinking a bit deeper about Salt.
5. Too nice to be inside, grab a bag and head to the park for school for a few hours. Everything you need is in the bag (except for one unit.. and that one you may want to stay home since it requires the freezer)

What other fun subject does Box of IDEAS offer??

Eleven (what?? yes that is right.. things with the number 11 in them!)
Quilting (I am so all over this one)
Laundry (this could be an answer to prayer.. you think?)
World War II (for those with a more serious side)

upcoming units are
Pearl Harbor (which some of my Crew-mates reviewed)
and more

I sure hope they keep coming out with more unique studies like the ones they already have. Something different that you really wouldn't think about studying.
We completely enjoyed our study on salt, and may even consider ourselves experts now :)

As a member of the TOS review crew I received a physical box from Box of IDEAS to facilitate my  honest review. Please see what my friends have to say about Box of IDEAS by clicking on the banner below.



  1. Thank you for this review. I have been thinking about trying this out, so this was really helpful for me.

    Keri- A Home Schooling, Online Curricula Using, Unit Studies Loving, Co-Op Teaching, Craft Making ~>Momma<~ to DD & DS : `)

  2. This looks like a really well-though out lesson. Definitely unique themes. When my kids get a little older I would love to use these.
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

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