Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sogno Coffee Giveaway!

Coffee is one of my loves! Some of you may remember back to the beginning of this year I even ran a Coffee review week on my blog. Coffee is my best friend in the morning and I like to think I am a connoisseur of quality coffee. I have been seriously spoiled and frown when I see hubby making anything from a red or green plastic container from the grocery store!

When I saw Sogno online I wanted to try out their coffee. I love the unique blend names they use.
Sole- the Sun (bold)
Vento- the wind (espresso)
Cielo- the sky (medium roast)
Nuvola- cloud (decaf)

I being a bold kind of gal tried Sole and Vento. First thing when you try a new coffee is you need to utilize your senses. Take a look at the beans and see how they look roast wise. Are they dried out of oiled? Shriveled or full? Evenly sized or a variety?

Now take your nose and inhale deeply.. Ahh, you can get a definite feel for the taste of the coffee by smelling the beans. Love the smell of coffee beans!

Sogno makes terrific coffee. The Sole was bold but not a jittery making bold. Espresso had a heavier flavor to it and felt a little more caffeinated. It has a little more acidity than the Sole did. The flavor in each was rich and wonderful.

The Sogno Story
"Is it your dream to find that perfect cup of coffee? But among the thousands of chain coffeehouses and the dizzying array of trendy brands, where do you start? Actually, it's simple. Here at Sogno Coffeehouse, we know it all starts with the beans... and we're here to spill the beans. Truth is, many people have not had the pleasure of enjoying a real quality coffee. No matter the price, brand, or packaging, it all comes down to the beans. Sogno roasts only the finest Arabica beans in our one of a kind, custom-built roaster. The product is unrivaled: the aroma, the body, and that very first sip... it's like un sogno, a dream."

Whether your flavor is espresso or you need to have a flavorful decaf, Sogno coffee can meet that need with quality coffee.  Visit them online http://www.sognocoffee.com and take a look at their beautiful products. I seriously am going to have to go brew some coffee now after writing this post!!

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Enter to win an 8 oz bag of Sogno Coffee of your choice!! USA only. Ends Aug 21!

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  1. Sole ground coffee


  2. I'd choose Sole


  3. I would choose either sole or vento because I love dark blends and espresso!

  4. I like a bold flavored coffee so I could choose Sole - The Sun


  5. I would definitely choose Cielo.

  6. Cielo - The Sky

    Jeana O'donnell-Murphy

  7. sole sounds good!! heather.loftus@aol.com

  8. I would get Cielo

  9. I would choose SOLE - - - Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  10. I would get the Sole - The Sun [ Bold ]

  11. i like sole-the sun blend

    christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

  12. This coffee looks like it would be good every morning.


  13. I would use Cielo- the sky (medium roast).


  14. I would choose Vento for my husband. I love the smell of coffee, but rarely drink any - kicks in my heart arrythmia. But my husband drinks coffee almost daily and I do so love the smell of it.

  15. I would choose Sole because it has the lowest acidity.