Monday, August 20, 2012

Palomino Pencils

"Palomino introduces affordable, high-quality, American-made pencils to combat the low-qulaity pencils taht are negatively impacting our children's education."

Teachers across the states, as well as home school Moms are noticing the lack of quality pencils for our students use. Pencils today split, loose their led, break easily, and are poorly made! Time spent sharpening, and resharpening just to have the led continue to fall out. I am sure as a user of pencils in general you have struggled with this. Ok, so no biggie, one pencil once in awhile having trouble, but when you multiply that times a number of students, multiple times a day.. it is a serious problem.

Palomino is now making its Prospector and Golden Bear pencils in the USA! High quality, affordable, long lasting pencils.

They can purchased exclusively at
Prospector pencils can be purchased for $2.25 for a pack of 12. I thought that was a super deal for made in the USA, high quality pencils! You can purchase in green or natural.

With the right tools, our students are going to be able to perform to a higher standard, just like in any job situation! You don't give a welder a cheap mask, dilapidated welder and set him on his way. He will fail. Same is true as we invest in the education of our children, the pencil is a critical tool in their learning.

I love the Forest Choice Colored pencils. My oldest has always had a set of high quality colored pencils and after we have used those, we just cant go back to using the Rose Art or Crayola for our artist projects. Losing lead in a colored pencil is just as likely in a #2 pencil if the pencil is not of high quality. The Forest Choice colored pencils are a great color palette, quality and for only $2.75 a 12 pack!
They have high quality Artist Colored Pencils I think I may need to invest in. Beautiful products.

"ForestChoice, the first brand to bring FSC certified pencils to market introduces the industry's newest environmentally friendly notebooks.

The Kraft-Flex notebook comes in a set of three and lends itself to the look and quality that customers have grown accustomed to when purchasing products from California Republic's original brand of writing products. The cover is composed of flexible but durable paperboard stock. Let your mind run wild through nature, without losing the great ideas you encounter along the way."

These notebooks are the perfect size for tucking in my books! I tend to loose bulky notebooks when all I need is a small notebook for taking quick notes on the book I am reading, or class I am taking. My kids swarmed to snag these notebooks when they saw them. Mama said, nope they are for her! Perfect size, great quality notebooks. 

They even have Custom Imprint Pencils that teachers can use to congratulate students, promote your business, show love on a holiday!

I am planning not only some back to school products being ordered from but also some stocking stuffers. My kids go crazy over school supplies, artist notebooks, and many of the other great products at

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  1. I still really enjoy writing with pencils. Off to check them out. Thanks for all the info.

  2. I've been in a pencil and paper kick lately. I love their pretty wooden colored pencils!

  3. I love those colored pencils. I want some for myself. How are the erasers on the #2 pencils? I'm a big pencil person, but it's hard to find a good pencil and eraser.

  4. My kids are like the ultimate pencil magnet. They love any type and any color. Thanks for the review!

  5. Great Review, thanks for letting me know about this company!

  6. I need!... okay, I want those colored pencils! I LOVE colored pencils, I'll grab those before anything else.