Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crum Creek

Indulge in a Healthier Day!

Soy Bites are a great treat to replace crackers and snacks. I tried Remarkable Rosemary and Garlic and Superb Sesame. They were fantastic! The were perfect for our day in the park. I preferred the Rosemary and Garlic because they had a heavier flavor. My salt loving son believed they needed more salt, but this is coming from a chip hog, so it would take a little adjustment on his end to go with less salt. I thought they had a great crunch and fantastic flavor! They also sell Outrageous Onion and an Everything version. I think the everything would be my favorite to try!

Soy nut mix has dry roasted soybeans. Though they grow all around me, I have never eaten dry roasted soybeans, or even any soybeans for that matter that weren't a ingredient in a bought item.
I loved these dry roasted soybeans mixed with organic chocolate chips. The sweetness of the chocolate chips and the crunch of the soybeans was perfect. They also had sunflower and pumpkin seeds mixed in. All of my children loved this snack! It was a perfect blend and with 100% Non-GMO soybeans it is a very healthy mix for them.
Vegan, organic, high in fiber and protein and comes in snacking size packages.

We also tried the Almond Biscuties which you can see in the top photo. The kids ate these too fast to photograph once they opened them up! They LOVED these! Fantastic fruity, nutty crunch. A great, healthy combination of almonds, raisins and spices. This was one of the healthiest 'cookies' my children have ever loved.

This is such a small sampling of what Crum Creek has to offer in their online store. They have additional snacks and treats as well as coffee and teas. They also have a line of bath and body products. They carry vitamins and supplements as well.
Great selection of candles and kitchen items. Be sure to grab some soy bites while you are there for snacking, you will love them!

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  1. Never heard of them before but they look tasty!

  2. These look delicious! What a great alternative to other "convenience" foods.