Tuesday, August 28, 2012

blankZ Sponsor Review

A Creative, Sustainable Toy you Design!

These are the steps you take with your blankZ stuffed plush
Your blankZ plush + blankZ marker = Create                              Wash and dry and start fresh!

I love the names of the blankZ prior to coloring. Bare (bear), Un-sealed (seal), Bare Hare (rabbit) and the one we reviewed White Hound (puppy). My 4 year old loves puppies and was excited to see this white hound. He was a little reluctant to color on a stuffed animal thankfully due to his mother's training.

He really wanted to brown for his dog, finding it a bit strange to use green and blue on an animal, but I explained to him it is a colorful puppy.

Be prepared to get markers on their hands and table. I put down a paper towel on the table first as it does get rubbed off while the markers are still wet. It is washable marker, obviously so it washed right off of his hands when he wanted to switch colors.

 The package does recommend ages 5+. My 4 almost 5 year old got tired of it before completely finishing it. The beauty of it is we can now wash it and let the 10 year old have a turn to see what he creates. You can decorate them to fit the holidays, or your favorite sports team! Many creative possibilities.

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